100% Pure Fruit Pigment Lengthening Mascara

Made from fruit pigments (and smells fab!) this is *hands down* my fave natural mascara. Plus, add a drop of lavender eo to help volumize those lashes!

Mineral Hygienics Bronzer

I love adding this to my cheeks to give them a little glow - especially in those winter months where you'd like a little colour.

Dermablend Concealer

I love this concealer and have used it for years! It covers great & rates well great on EWG's 


Mineral Hygienics Eye Shadow

I love this loose powder eye shadow - comes in a ton of colours!



Mason Jars

I literally use these things for everything. Drinking cup, storing superfoods, preparing sauces in & more!


I recently traded in my 13+ year Vitamix for the one above, so if you're looking for a blender to last + does amazing blending, this is it!


Breville Espresso Maker

This little machine is what helps us stay put & make lattes at home. Such a gem machine + doesn't take up a ton of counter space!

Stainless Steel Straws

I love these in place of regular, disposable straws. Better for the enviro & not breakable like the glass kind!

Soda Stream

Carbonate your water from home. Try adding a drop of lemon or lime essential oil to it for a fab pop of flavour.

RSVP Terry's Tamp

After grinding your coffee, tamp it with this!

Nut Milk Bag

If you're ready to make your own nut milk, getting one of these is essential!


Santevia Water Stick

If you drink reverse osmosis water (like I do), then this tool is what I use to add the minerals back to my H2O.

Hurom Juicer

This slow extraction juicer is such a lovely addition to the home. It's what I use to get my green juice on!


Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder

My hubby's heaven - he's always figuring out the perfect grind per bag of coffee with this thing ;)


Dr. Tungs Tongue Cleaner

One of the first thing's I do when I wake up is reach for this & get my oral health spot on.

Epsom Salts

Me + my oils take a soak in this at least 1x a week before bed. Such a great routine to get into ;)

Dry Skin Brush

This juicy self-care practice can be done in as little as a few mins a day. Check out the post I wrote on it here!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

You might think toothbrushes is a minor one to green up - but



Salt Lamp

I love having these all around my house - in the kitchen, office & bedrooms. I keep them on all the time!


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

This is my fave lens to shoot everyday with (perfect blurred background & even great for night time shooting).


Canon EOS Rebel T3i

I simply adore this camera. It's served me so well as a "novice" photographer.




The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck

This card deck is the bomb. I love pulling from it daily with my daughter to let us know the universe has us covered!


Miracles Now Card Deck

Use this 52 card deck when you need to pull some inspiration & believe in miracles now!


Power Thought Card Deck

This 64 card deck provides affirmations to help you find your inner strength. Packed with wisdom on both sides!


Practice You: A Journal

When you need direction, use this journal to help!



10 Roller Bottle Set (Root and Petal, The Happy Palette)

These are my fave to make your own roller blends (inspiration here)


Essential Oil Wooden Box

Choose your size (I have the 87-100). Great for housing you (growing) oil collection ;)


Essential Life Book

This is THE oil bible to help you on your journey to natural health.


Emotions & Essential Oils

This book is amazing for seeing the connection oils have to mood & emotions.


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