hello! i'm so glad you're here!

I'm Char (your glow guide).
I'm here as a very passionate natural health advocate, essential oil educator + biz mentor,
plant-based nutritionist, and (modern day) hippy mama to help you FULLY embrace a life that glows.


Are you tired of not fully feeling your sparkle in life? 

Are you ready to learn more about holistic health & shifting your lifestyle to one that glows?!

Then you've definitely come to the right place.


My mission of living from this place of better health & wellness has been the focus for years, so step into my space of the web & learn how to transform into your best self yet using the info + tools that have tremendously helped me!

And grab a mug of tea (pu'erh is my current fave) while you check things out.

See you around! XO


when we know better, we do better


If I've learnt anything over the years it's that YOU are responsible for your own health.
No one else will take care of you like YOU take care of you. As a result, we need to be proactive (cheerleaders) for ourselves.

and it only takes one drop from a little bottle...

Essential oils are becoming increasingly more well-known, so how can these beautiful natural tools help you?
Check out some of the key areas I use them in & why they've quickly become my main wellness tool!

>> for the fam: oils not only protect & support your family's health & wellness, but to feel empowered!
>> for the home: clean your home in a beautiful + natural way while moving away from toxic chemicals.
>> for your well-being: oils also serve you on an emotional & spiritual side to aid in healing & raising your vibes.


glow tools because we were meant to shine bright

So, about that glow.
Like I said, we need to be our own health advocates, so take a look at some of the tools I've put together to help you achieve just this ;)


fresh from the blog

Take a look at what I'm recently writing about to help better YOU! And jump to read more posts here.