the 5am club!

Tyler and I decided this past Sunday that we were going to finally join the exclusive 5am club.  What makes it SO exclusive is the fact that not a lot of other people are really in it (perhaps because they haven’t set the intention or it’s not even on their radar…yet!). The world is still quiet at this time, so you almost have to whisper to your fellow companions who decide to join it!

I previously was waking up at 5:45am, and then after listening to a podcast talking about the 5am club, I dove in. Hard. It was just what I needed to hear to cope with why I wasn’t finding enough time in the day to do things and also why time was going by so quickly during the day. (FYI: When you wake up at 5am, you have a lot of hours in the day to get.schtuff.done.)

But, here’s the important thing you should know about the 5am club: research now shows that it takes about 66 days to change a habit.

66 days of waking up at 5am? Yuuuuupppp. And guess what? It’s going to be hard at the beginning, really suck in the middle, but be awesome by the end.

Here’s what we’ve been following to be intentional in waking up at that time in the morning (it’s something Robin Sharma talks about):

20/20/20 Idea for the 5am Club

First 20 minutes: Intense exercise

  • Gets your blood flowing
  • Those “feel good” hormones pumping through you (serotonin, dopamine)
  • Wakes you up!

Second 20 minutes: Thinking

  • Journaling
  • Writing your ideas out
  • Your: hopes, fears, pains, goals, ideal day, to dos
  • Get to really know yourself to live more intentionally

Last 20 minutes: Learning

  • Listen to a podcast
  • Watch a Ted Talks
  • Read a book
  • Work on a course you’re enrolled in

So this is what we’ve done for the past 5 days and I feel awesome. Ok, so maybe not suuuuuuper stellar when my alarm goes off at 5:01am everyday, but it’s so worth it. By the time even 8am rolls around, I feel like it’s closer to noon, yet I still have a full day to enjoy. That’s probably the best part. Is that the equivalent of Christmas morning for adults? Ok, now I’m just sounding pathetic :P

And that's it - to the 5am club!