like walking on a cloud

I've never really thought about investing in a good pair of training shoes. I've usually just sported old running shoes thinking that they must at least still be OK for walking in even if they're not up for running anymore. This was a huge mistake. I actually think the bigger problem than this rookie mistake was my rookie error in thinking that shoe quality for walking isn't as important as for running. Shouldn't my feet get the respect they deserve whether I'm walking five miles or running it?

Good thing the Shoes Gods (aka ASICS) sent me a pair of GEL-Fit Sanas to rightfully bring me to the realization that all shoes are not created equally.

Not only are these shoes pretty to look at and versatile, they are a studio cushioned training shoe that fits your foot like a glove whether you are attending your favorite class or walking Disney (more on that later).

When I first received the box, I was not even sure if there were shoes in it (I thought ASICS was messing with me). They were that light. And putting them on confirmed what I was already sure of: It was like walking on a cloud. That's because they have a customized fit that adapts and supports your foot with the inner lining from the heel to the forefoot, while providing a barefoot-like sensation.

This was good news because I was scheduled to do a lot of walking/activites this past weekend.

First test was with Disney (Christmas parade).

What better way to test out a shoe than putting it to the pressure of walking an amusement park all afternoon and evening? Luckily, they had me quick on my feet to take Nia from ride to ride.

Although I wouldn't suggest wearing them for 5+ hours like I did this night (perhaps due to the minimal feel?), the comfort, lightness, and breathability of them beat out the mild pain I had from my actual walking efforts. (#heelstrikersanonymous)

And here's a perfect example of where, had I not received these shoes, I would have worn an old pair of running shoes and I can tell you this: The walking experience would have been completely different. I'm used to shoes weighing more and causing throbbing feet, and here, shoes dragging me down was a non-issue. One I thought about numerous times, which made me want to delightfully skip right to the magical Disney castle because my shoes were so airy.

The next test came the following day when I decided to try the shoes out while doing some shopping and then on the golf course.

You might not know from my killer stance above, but I'm actually not a golfer, so again, footwear usually retorts to running shoes. Can I say that the shoes made me a better golfer?

No, silly! But they made me feel more natural. Like I could be good. (That's the point, right?)

Again, the win was in how light and airy they made my feet feel because I now realize how amazing that feeling is and I never want to let it go.

The next feeling I should probably work on is knowing when sock color choices totally overpower the shoes. Actually, scratch that. The shoes always win.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.