get your life glowing!

Welcome! It's truly an honor that you're here & ready to show up for your health in new ways. But, I get it... getting started with oils + knowing how to use them can be SO overwhelming, which is why I'm here to help. There's no need to become the expert overnight - let me be your guide as you navigate this new space.

For getting your life glowing this month, I have a very special promo. You'll find all the info below + you'll see some bonuses I've included as a 'thank you' for your commitment to improving you! I hope you enjoy.

Shall we begin?

First off, getting started. It's the most essential step in this process.


Steps to get started:

STEP 1: CLICK HERE & select your country.

STEP 2: Choose wholesale customer if purely looking to use + benefit from oils.
Select wellness advocate if looking to use the oils & share them to earn.

STEP 3: Fill in your info (name, shipping, my enroller ID, which is 2843422 if not auto-populated).

STEP 4: Select your starter kit (<if wanting something different from above options) + add any additional items (you start saving your 25% from this very first order!)

STEP 5: Enter your payment info & wait for the pure oil magic to arrive!

YOU DID IT! You'll receive a special email with your winter wellness guide download + additional info. And keep an eye out in the mail for your welcome pack coming shortly!

OK,  now it's time to maximize on this special glow life promo.

I have laid out your wellness plan for the next 3 months to make things super simple.


Process this order in February by the 15th to collect your free points, get the free oil of the month (through dōTERRA) & enter our team giveaway!

Make sure you set up your LRP template, then add the following items to it:

> verage cleanser
> lavender touch
> mud mask
> hand & body lotion
> body wash
> oil option #1: myrrh OR oil option #2: geranium & bergamot

 And once your order is processed (by the 15th), enter our team giveaway. We'll take the time together this month to keep learning how to use your starter kit with the top 10 oils you received last month + the above menu you order this month. Then, we'll apply your free points to your order in March!


Process this order in March to get your green cleaning products for free + use the green cleaning eBook to help + book in an additional call to chat over any questions!

This month you'll add the following to your LRP order:

> on guard cleaner concentrate
> on guard foaming hand wash with 2 dispensers
> purify
> lemongrass
> wild orange
> lime
> on guard sanitizing mist (this is the ONE item you will NOT use points on)

You will then select 'use points' on all items EXCEPT the on guard spray because one item needs to remain in cart as a paid item (and this spray is by far the cheapest way to check out!) Plus, please note a $3 redemption fee for the points - this is standard. Anytime you cash in points (regardless of amount), this fee is applied.

We'll take time this month to focus on how to get green cleaning in your home & reducing your toxic load. I also would like to offer up another chance to chat on the phone - this will help answer any questions you have now that we're 2 menus in.

And finally, your third wellness plan.


Continue to glow in your life with this beautiful energy + vibrant vitality menu. Process this order by the 15th of April and you'll score the free oil of the month (through dōTERRA) + enter to win a special oil prize pack totaling over $50!

If you haven't noticed by now, I REALLY value this glow life. And I hope you're starting to see how oils fit into this. This month is a bonus (if you will!) to help you step into truly vibrant health...and this is where the supplements come in! Did you know that the Lifelong Vitality supplements are actually the best-selling product that dōTERRA offers?? You have a 30-day money-back guarantee if they don't do a thing for you which is pretty cool. Plus, for choosing this bonus step in getting your life glowing this month, I'm offering up a special giveaway of over $50 in oils! So are you ready to step up your energy?!

This month, add the following to your LRP order:

> lifelong vitality supplements (vegan option as well)
> ADD ON: PB assist within supplement template - look for the "customize" button
> ADD ON: terrazyme within supplement template - look for the "customize" button
> motivate touch
> peppermint beadlets
> balance

I suggest starting the supplements at a half dose for the first two weeks and then upping to full after that.

What a half dose looks like in a day: 2 microplex VMz + 2 xEO mega + 2 alpha CRS+
Take terrazyme with meals (especially if you're having digestive troubles)
Take a PB assist before bed

YOU DID IT! Congrats on saying 'yes' to living out the most wonderful glow life with essential oils + oil products as your main tool. I hope by now you've realized the power you have to be in control of your own health & wellness + how the oils can apply to ALL areas of your life. 

To keep moving forward & make sure you're maximizing on your oils, make sure you use the tools & links given to you within the emails you received over these past 3 months. Those will be your golden tickets to keep embracing this ever glowing lifestyle!

In light and love,