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hey there!

I'm Char - a very passionate natural health & wellness teacher, essential oil educator, plant-based, holistic mama, trying to live a green + sustainable life! It might be mouthful, but these are the things I believe help to live a life that glows (aka my motto) & hopefully I can help you live it, too!

So stick around, and check out my space here so we can get to know each other a bit better. I'll be sharing the info + tools that have tremendously helped me out over the years in hopes they help you.

See you around! XO

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Check out the tools that have helped transform my life!

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Your Glow Pregnancy Guide!

Download this FREE guide to rocking your pregnancy (and beyond) with natural health in mind. This guide provides you with your oily tools need to glow throughout your pregnancy as the natural mama you are <3


plant-based goodness

Get your fill of plant-based eats with a collection of recipes I’ve been making in my kitchen!


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