Have you been hearing a lot about essential oils, but wondering where to start? I was there, which is why I created this page! It has some useful beginner's info that really helped me out when I was getting started!

Before we dive into the tips though, I encourage you to ask yourself what your top health priorities are. It will help make things a little more clear on where you want to go on this oil journey. For me, it was: emotional + mood support (I've naturally become a very anxious person over the years), cleaning in a non-toxic way & living more holistically.

Ok - are you ready to see what these oils have to offer & see how they can assist you in ALL the beautiful areas you're ready to improve in (naturally!)?! You might just end up falling in love like I did ;) 


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what are essential oils?

They are the volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, barks & various other parts of plants. They are either steam-distilled or cold-pressed {for citruses}. The essential oil is contained in a sac that serves many purposes for the plant - including warding off predators, helping with pollination & keeping the plant healthy {basically like the immune system}. When you rub a peppermint leaf then smell your hand, you are smelling the essential oil of it released from that sac!


how do they work?

Essential oils are much different than the plant/herb itself. They are 50-70x more potent, so you really only need one drop to achieve results! In fact, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. Oils work SO well in our bodies because like us, they're carbon based, so they interact with our systems in a beautiful way (knowing where they need to go in the body).

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> when we need to unwind/destress after a long day
> help relaxing or sleeping
> immune support
> help with our emotions & moods
> cleaning our homes naturally without toxins & chemicals
> supporting our little ones & feeling empowered while doing so
> helping with respiratory
> sports/workouts
> and much much more!

how to use them?

There are three ways to use + benefit from your oils. Let's dive into what those are!



This is one of the easiest ways to start using + benefiting from your oils. As soon as you open a bottle, you'll start to experience either the calming/soothing, uplifting or grounding/balancing properties as it escapes the bottle. Another way to benefit from this use is through diffusing.





Using oils topically is a great way to use on a localized area and to gain benefits throughout the body as oils are easily absorbed through the skin. But since oils are very potent, diluting them down is always a good idea - which you can learn more about here.

Whether it's in a capsule or taking the oil itself under the tongue or in a glass of water, internal use is a great way to experience the benefits of oils since they can be used to support your immune + cell function, but also provide powerful antioxidant properties.


why doterra?

If you're anything like me then you like to do your research before you come to any decision. This was the same for me with essential oils. When I knew I wanted to get into using them in 2016, I went digging & here's why dōTERRA was ultimately the best decision for me...



Through their strategic sourcing, rigorous testing, and legendary research initiatives, dōTERRA is able to offer the highest quality essential oils available. The integrity of the company and their commitment to quality is why dōTERRA has my heart. It’s also why they are the #1 essential oil company in the world! If learning more about quality is your top question, then I encourage you to check out this link!




This is dōTERRA's non-profit organization & one of the main reasons I decided to start my journey with them. What this organization does is helps support people + communities from around the globe that are in need (because over half the countries dōTERRA sources oils from are considered third world). The money raised through Healing Heads goes directly to helping improve living conditions - whether it's through clean drinking water projects, building schools, providing mobile health clinics, etc., to have the kind of impact we could only hope continues to have ripples. I donate every month to this cause! You can learn more here.


When purchasing products, I like to choose with my dollars and by the companies that are making a positive impact on the world. dōTERRA uses their Co-Impact Sourcing model to source the highest quality oils from their natural habitat while partnering with local families that have been farming that crop for generations. Plus, their Healing Hands non-profit then provides over $2 million in support to these communities each year.

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This might not be the final reason on why dōTERRA, but it's a very important one. When it comes to essential oils, transparency is huge. Since the oil industry is currently unregulated, any company can pretty such say what they want on a label (ex: organic, 100% pure, all natural) and put whatever they want into a bottle - which is why we need to be advocates in our own health journey! An oil needs to have up to 10% of the oil in it to be considered pure - leaving the rest to potentially be tampered with. dōTERRA started Source To You as a way to provide us (the consumers) with info from the plant all the way to the processing of  the essential oil (in quality analysis reports).


And now for the big question you've been waiting for (as a natural health seeker, this was a HUGE one for me, too)...


I'm happy to report + say that YES, they are! They are actually above & beyond organic. This was a HUGE load off my shoulders when I found this out. With the standard of testing that the oils go through, if at any point in the CPTG testing the oils came back with any contaminants or anything of the sort, the batch would be scraped. As someone ready to be more proactive in their health, I hope you can feel better now knowing that these oils will support your health in the most beautiful way, while not compromising it. This truly made my heart swell knowing this was the case - then I got straight to adding lemon to my water ;)