oil tips

You've probably been seeing & hearing a lot about essential oils lately, but does it feel a bit too overwhelming & you're not sure where to start? I totally get it. I was there when I first even thought about bringing oils into my home.

To simplify things & make it a lot easier, try this: asking yourself what your top health priorities currently look like for you. For me it was: emotional + mood support (I've naturally become a very anxious person over the years), cleaning in a non-toxic way & living more holistically.

Once you experience the power that dōTERRA essential oils have to offer, you will begin to see how they can assist you in these plus many more areas (naturally!). You'll probably end up falling in love with them like I did ;). Plus, you'll see just how simple it can be to live with your best self (and fam) in mind.

So, I hope you can open your heart + mind because I'm about to take you on a quick oils tours to help you see how we can use them to support us in a beautiful way!

what are essential oils?

They are the volatile aromatic compounds in plants - found in the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, barks & various other parts of the plant. They are either steam-distilled or cold-pressed {for citruses}. The essential oil is contained in a sac that serves many purposes for the plant - including warding off predators, helping with pollination & keeping the plant healthy {basically like the immune system}. When you rub a peppermint leaf then smell your hand, you are smelling the essential oil of it released from the sac! They are so beneficial in many ways to the plant, itself, which is why we also benefit greatly from them!

how do they work?

They are much different than just the plants themselves. They are 50-70x more potent than the plant, so you really only need one drop to achieve results! They work SO well in our bodies because plants & humans are both carbon based, so the oils interact with our systems in a beautiful way (knowing where they need to go in the body).


> when we need to unwind/destress after a long day
> help relaxing or sleeping
> immune support
> help with our emotions & moods
> cleaning our homes naturally without toxins & chemicals
> supporting our little ones & feeling empowered while doing so
> helping with respiratory
> sports/workouts
> and much much more!


how to use them?

There are three ways to use + benefit from your oils. Let's dive into what those are!


This is one of the easiest ways to start using + benefiting from your oils. As soon as you open a bottle, you'll start to experience either the calming/soothing, uplifting or grounding/balancing properties just from smelling the oil as it escapes the bottle. Let's check out a few ways to use oils aromatically:

  • Like I mentioned, smelling an oil directly from the bottle - it hits the nose right away & travels to the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for our emotions & memories!
  • Place a drop in your hands, rub together, cup in front of your nose & take a deep inhale.
  • Place a few drops on a cotton ball then place in the vents - super beneficial while in the car!
  • Wearing diffuser jewelry - such as a necklace or bracelet with lava or clay beads. You add a drop of oil on to it & get to experience the aromatic benefits of the oils all day long!
  • And then my fave way: diffusing! This helps disperse the oils & suspend them in the air for a few hours to get all the benefits - shifting your mood, cleansing the air & making your space smell amazing, naturally. Check out my diffuser guide here for some great inspiration!



Applying oils topically has quickly become my most used application method for the oils because it's so beneficial. The oils contain microparticles which easily mix with the natural sebum of the skin & absorb into the body. When starting with topical application, it's recommended that you use a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, with your essential oils to dilute down. This not only decreases the potency of the oils while still preserving the effectiveness, but helps drive the essential oils deeper into the tissue & helps create a larger surface area, which helps with any sensitivities you might experience. This is especially beneficial for children since their bodies are much smaller than ours + more sensitive. Learn more about diluting down your oils in this document here.

When essential oils are applied topically, it only takes about 30 seconds to get into the bloodstream and then spread throughout the body within a matter of minutes, so they really are going to work rather quickly. One area of the body that is mighty popular for topical application is the bottoms of the feet - that's because we have the largest pores there, but also the thickest skin making it a great entry point for the oils. Think about how beneficial this application area is for kids too - roll some oils on, then put socks on them! Topical use is also great for applying oils to a localized area on the skin aka right where they're needed! Some other beneficial places for applying your oils that I absolutely love: to the pulse points, back of the neck, behind the ears, over the heart & down the spine

Note: Some oils have caustic/warming properties (oregano, cinnamon, clove) while others are cooling (peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen), so take some precaution before applying topically & dilute down. Also, keep oils out of the ear canals, nose & eyes. If you get an essential oil in your eye, do NOT try to flush out with water - this will only drive it in deeper. Instead grab a carrier oil to help, which leads to...


It is a fatty vegetable, nut or seed oil that blends well with essential oils to dilute them down. Essentially, it helps "carry" the essential oils into the tissue & spreads it over a larger area. For more info on diluting your oils down, check out this document I've put together for you.


Internal use of essential oils is a HOT topic & not just for any brand of oil, which is why I use + trust dōTERRA. You'll want to check the label of your bottle - doTERRA oils that says "supplement" can be used internally, whereas any that say "ingredients" should purely be used aromatically & topically. This is a great way to experience the internal benefits of oils since they can be used to support your immune + cell function, but also provide powerful antioxidant properties.

Personally, I love adding a drop of lemon essential oil to my morning water - this not only assists the body in detoxing + cleansing, but citrus oils are very uplifting.

Other ways to use oils internally:

  • Empty veggie capsules {adding a few drops to it then swallowing - very beneficial for warmer oils or ones that don't always agree with tastebuds!}
  • A drop under the tongue {sublingually}
  • Or sipping in your drinking water {just note: only use glass or stainless steel vessels, as essential oils can break down plastic particles}.

I recommend you do your own research & come to your own conclusion on the using oils internally. I only recommend using dōTERRA essential oils internally, so just remember that this does not apply to all other oils across the board. 

Note: Not all oils (even when using the purest) are for internal use. There are some that should only be used topically or aromatically regardless of quality, like: birch & cedarwood. dōTERRA's labels will let you know!

why i chose doterra

If you're anything like me then you like to do your research before you come to any decision. This was the same for me with essential oils. When I knew I wanted to get into using them in 2016, I went digging & here's why dōTERRA was ultimately the best decision...


This is dōTERRA's non-profit organization & one of the main reasons I decided to start my journey with them. What this organization does is helps work with communities + people from around the globe that are in need of help, to enhance their lives. Through the money they raise, they have not only improved living conditions for those that need it, but truly empowered others to live with the tools they need. I donate every month to this!


You've probably noticed that you can buy essential oils ANYWHERE now. It's actually pretty scary if you're not familiar with them & why quality really matters for essential oils. Currently, the essential oil industry is unregulated - meaning you can put anything on a label and into a bottle, yet still call it "100% pure and organic." Price tag aside (although I've actually seen some store shelf oils that are more expensive than dōTERRA's, believe it or not), when you grab and oil like lavender to help with sleep + stress, you want to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to do. That's why you need to make sure you're using a therapeutic grade oils; something that has set the bar for testing the quality of the oils & making sure they remain free of fillers, synthetics & contaminants. And they're going to help you + your health + your family + home out like it should.



dōTERRA began on a mission to source the purest oils from around the world. Now that we know more about purity + potency, let's chat about the CPTG model itself that dōTERRA designed. Since we know that the essential oil industry itself is unregulated, dōTERRA had to create their own level of testing, called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade to ensure their oils remained true to what nature intended. The CPTG model starts right at distillation all the way to bottling. It's a three-step process & tests the quality of the oils in eight different steps. To learn more about this quality of testing & how transparent dōTERRA is as a company about their oils, please check out this page here.


There is a major difference between growing lavender in your backyard and getting it from where it grows abundantly. That's why dōTERRA sources their plants from around the globe where they thrive naturally. The chemical make-up of a plant is MUCH different when you seek it from its' original habitant since the climate, altitude, rain fall, temperature & more matter for producing an oil that has it's max + ideal potency.


And now for the big question you've been waiting for (as a natural health seeker, this was a HUGE one for me, too)...


I'm happy to report + say that YES, they are! They are actually above & beyond organic. This was a HUGE load off my shoulders when I found this out. With the standard of testing that the oils go through, if at any point in the CPTG testing the oils came back with any contaminants or anything of the sort, the batch would be scraped. As someone ready to be more proactive in their health, I hope you can feel better now knowing that these oils will support your health in the most beautiful way, while not compromising it. This truly made my heart swell knowing this was the case - then I got straight to adding lemon to my water ;)