MAMA supplement challenge

You’re reading this because you’re a mom and you’re ready to talk about supplements for your health.

As a mom, I want you to know HOW important you are. You brought this beautiful babe into the world and that is no small feat. It’s amazing & I honour + congratulate you. So now is especially the time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and this is where supplements enter in!

You might have already caught this post on these gem supplements for during pregnancy, but GUESS WHAT, it doesn’t stop there. It keeps going beyond! (To infinity and beyond!)

If you’re ready to serve your body in the best way possible after all the beautifulness you put it through in pregnancy and labour, the supplements we’re about to chat about totally have you covered and I’m here to help you out + offer up a sweet bonus for choosing them! *


the moms that supplement together…

We’re totally going to start a little supplement gang ;) And the best part is our gang will feel the best because we are nourishing and replenishing our bodies with the best.

We’re talking about Lifelong Vitality supplements, which is doTERRA’s best-selling product! This will be our focus for the next 30 days!!

And hey! Here’s a great risk-free part to this whole thing… if you don’t feel more energy and vitality in your body within 30 days of using them, you get your money back. I was floored when I first found this out, but they really are the top selling product for a reason because they WORK!

And to honour this move you’re making in beginning their use, I have not only this challenge of 30 days of use, but a SWEET BONUS for you, as well. So let’s get to the details!

how it works:

✔️Prior to starting LLV, you’ll fill in a before survey to gage where your health is at!

✔️Purchase + use the supplements for 30 days (this is mandatory…for your health!), which I’ll show you how to do below PLUS I’ll be checking in with you throughout the month to cheer you on + provide you with more info!

✔️After 30 days, you’ll fill in an after survey (don’t worry I’ll remind you to do so!) to gage where you are after this experience.

✔️The final step lies in that second survey, which is the best part… it’s where the bonus comes in aka MY GIFT TO YOU!! You get to choose an oil from the brand new Kids Collection that was just released in September 2018 as a thank you for showing up in your health over the past 30 days. There are 6 new blends, so take a look below to get an idea of which one you’d like to receive ;)

Untitled design (1).png

(read about their individual uses here!)


My hope is that you continue to keep honouring yourself each month with these supplements, but I am beyond thrilled that you chose to start with this challenge!

So my next question…

Are you ready to get started??

Perfect! There are two ways to do this with us:

  1. You’re a current customer in the Essential Glow Tribe (aka you’ve enrolled with me). You simply login to your account, set up LRP & add Lifelong Vitality to your template and complete your order.



2. You are brand new & ready to set up your own dōTERRA account.
You can choose an enrollment kit OR pay the $35US/$42CDN enrollment fee, then add the supplements to your cart. It’s your choice.

If you choose the kit option, please note that kits are bundled together to save you money PLUS it waives the $35/$42 enrollment fee. You would select the kit that’s calling you (I started with the Home Essentials), and then add Lifelong Vitality onto your order as well.

With either option, you start saving with your 25% off discount from this very initial order, so if you want to add any extras on (like Balance to help ground you and your new babe), go for it!



✔️CLICK HERE to become a member.

✔️Choose your option: 'customer' for oil perks or 'wellness advocate' if looking to use oils + earn $$, then choose your country/region.

✔️Select your starter kit (which waives the enrollment fee) OR pay the $35US/$42CAD fee + add Lifelong Vitality onto your order.

✔️Enter your payment info & wait for the pure oil magic to arrive!

✔️Friend/msg me on FB so we can connect + I can add you to our private oil community!

the last step:

We’re almost there! Once you’ve completed either option 1 or 2, in order for me to know you ARE IN this challenge, fill in the email form below & then you’ll hear from me shortly after that ;)

I cannot wait to start supplementing with you & be here as your friend/sister during this challenge. You are simply amazing and I promise you that by adding LLV into your daily routine is just further solidfiying that. Time to shine on, Mama!

XO, Char

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*= open to brand new customers to doTERRA and those already part of the Essential Glow tribe (aka you’ve enrolled with me!)