Welcome to the world of natural underarm heaven!!

I created this deodorant when I was fed up with the antiperspirant movement and how harmful it is (you can read more on it here) and wanted a natural alternative I felt good knowing I was putting on my body that actually worked.

I started buying 'natural deodorants' years ago but the sad truth was... they just didn't work. I would have to reapply every few hours, which meant I never left home without them (and this is coming from your average sweating female). Cue the move down to FL, and I wanted something that not only had staying power, but would also not compromise health.

Enter in Glow Deo (pronounced: D-O). The deodorant that saved me!

My belief that we are meant to shine brightly in this lifetime is felt right down to what you choose to apply under your arms🙌🏻. So give this a try. I mean like reeeeeally give it a try to see what I'm talking about.

After an application, I can literally get away with almost 24 hours of this single use before I start to smell, but we're all different, so test out what works for you. Either way... I got yo' back. If you feel like this ain't for you within 30 days of purchasing, holler at me!

To glowing together & taking away the stank while we're at it!
XO Char


coconut oil*, cacao butter*, arrowroot powder*, baking soda*, carnauba wax*, pure grade essential oils.

(* = organic)


how to use:

Dip your pointer finger in until the tip of it has a thin layer on it (about a dime size worth) per pit. Apply underneath the arm until all rubbed in. You should be good with one application per day, but use more if needed. Glow on!