Congrats on your decision to help rock your natural glow with essential oils!

You'll learn below why these precious amber bottles have become my MAIN health (and empowerment) tool in my own life along with my fam's, so I'm excited you're here ready to dive into this natural lifestyle while still remaining pretty hip ;)

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ready to begin?

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✔️Choose your option: 'customer' for oil perks or 'wellness advocate' if looking to use oils + earn $$, then choose your country/region.

✔️Select your starter kit (which waives the enrollment fee) OR pay the $35US/$42CAD fee + add any items to your cart to start saving with your 25% off discount.

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november PROMO


The best way to score this promo is to select a starter kit & then once you’re all set up we can chat about the BEST way to use your free $50 in oils!!


PS - here's my essential oil starter guide for more {juicy} info!


Want to take a look at all the enrollment kits + info in one place?
No problemo - take a look by where you are located in the world. Our team is spread far & wide, so we truly have you covered in all markets! XO


the perks to getting started

Set up your doTERRA account and automatically start receiving:


Which EVEN counts on your enrollment order - so tag on a few more items you're feeling drawn to! Plus, once you're set up, you get to order oils from your very own online account (literally in your undies if you want to ;) & it's shipped right to your front door - no matter where you are in the world. The best part about it is that there are NO monthly minimums or requirements (yep!), just ordering whenever you'd like, however much you'd like. It's that simple.


Plus, when you get ordering, you have the option to receive an even deeper discount, by scoring an extra 10-30% back in product points, which means FREE product in the future through our monthly program, called LRP.


This is one of my fave ways to build out your oil collection. For simply placing a certain amount each month (125pv <-- pv = point value = dōTERRA's point system), you'll get a free oil! They switch it each & every month to keep us on our toes! Plus, every so often, they throw in BONUSES for bigger orders. Usually happens every 3 months!


our team culture


I'm BIG into making sure you have some tools to get you started, so I'll hook you up with a welcome pack of goodies, plus, we'll have a chance to chat about all your health & wellness goals on our wellness consult call.


My fave part about helpings others get started is that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. We will support you near & far. Our team is spread out all over the world, so this is where our online community comes in mighty handy.


Every month you'll have the option to participate in our 'oil of the month' giveaway that I put together for those in our tribe.

And one last thing, I have an exclusive group that is only active 2x a year during special promo weeks (last one happened Nov, 2017). Click here to join this group if you are not yet enrolled in dōTERRA and not already working with another leader, but want to see what goes on during these special times (we like to honor our tribe for showing up in health with these awesome perks!)


Since you're on the high vibe path, we provide team cleanses (a 7-day & 30-day option) that run seasonally to help your bod get into it's pique state. 


If you're curious why so many of us have started integrating oils as a biz, then this space is for you. Once you have enrolled (as a Wellness Advocate), you have the option to earn compensation and bonuses by sharing with others. PLUS, you'll join our tribe of others doing the same. Our team is always growing & I will personally mentor you on your biz journey.

FOR 2018

This is the year of playing BIG in health, which is why I'm super pumped to offer those on our oils team seasonal glow guides!



let's learn together

It's better when we're together, right? ;) That's why I've provided you with a few tools to help you get started learning about your oils with ease. Only when you know how to use + benefit from your oils will it be a huge win, so cozy up & learn how to live an empowered life with them!

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OIL LIFE BASICS: please enjoy this free video webinar on how to use the top 10 oils in simple + effective ways
OIL LIBRARY: take a look at our library of oil webinars to help you use them in all different categories
> TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OIL GUIDE: bookmark this eBook to help learn how to use oils in every day life



which starter kit is for me?

This is a GREAT question & one I personally asked myself when getting started.

To learn more about YOUR BEST option for getting started, take a look at the starter kits here + how to determine which is the best fit for you (and you'll learn what I started out with ;)!



how oils have changed my life

It's one of those things - you don't know good it can be until you experience it. That was oils for me. I knew I wanted to up-level my health when 2016 rolled around & oils were something I was ready to test out. If they failed me, I'd just move onto the next thing. What I learnt when my kit arrived has changed my life & let's just say, my searching stopped! I found my health + empowerment solution!


>> reduce anxious feelings + stress that has become more prevalent as I get older

>> empowered mom: I now use the oils with my daughter who has been through the ringer with skin conditions - we're talking ring worm, hand foot & mouth disease, and pink eye, plus, the flu (twice). I never second guess myself anymore, I just reach for oils & my daughter does, too

>> clean my home in a non-toxic way (and my VERY inspiration for switching to a natural lifestyle in the first place!)

>> getting more restful sleep

>> clear up my skin + create a glowing hair routine (before oils I was a blemish mess + didn't take the best care of my skin & hair)

>> and probably most importantly - emotionally. These oils have quickly become my main tool for beautiful mood & emotional support because as a female, I need a lot of it ;)

There's really no explaining how transformational the oils are until you experience them for yourself, which you're about to do. This is one of the most beautiful ways to support your health & wellness. Get ready to glow!



ok, i'm ready to get started now!

Now that you've given it more thought (and hopefully decided what's right for you), here are the steps again to begin your journey!

STEP 1: CLICK HERE & select your country.

STEP 2: Choose wholesale customer if purely looking to use + benefit from oils.
Select wellness advocate if interested in building a dōTERRA biz.

STEP 3: Fill in your info (name, shipping, my enroller ID, which is 2843422 if not auto-populated).

STEP 4: Select your starter kit (which waives the enrollment fee) or pay the $35US/$42CAD enrollment packet fee + add oils to your cart to create your own custom enrollment kit (saving your 25% from this very first order).

STEP 5: Enter your payment info & wait for the pure oil magic to arrive!


want to learn more about the biz side?

As a very passionate mama + natural health seeker, I was drawn to the idea that I could not only impact my own life with essential oils, but many others. Using them naturally lead to sharing them with fam & friends, and now I'm so grateful for this business opportunity (and where it can take me). If you can envision the life of your dreams with doTERRA as your vehicle to get there & you'd like to chat more about how this can work for you... just send me a love note & I'll get back in touch with you shortly.

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