write from the heart, not from the mind

When I first got back into designing a website - especially so I could start blogging again... I started to overthink it. I would ask my hubby, what do I even write about?! And he would tell me, just write. Write about the things you used to. Your meal prep. Your day in the life. Your nutrition info & sharing recipes. Your health & wellness tips. JUST WRITE.

So, here I am. Just a girl writing a post to hopefully release the blocks I've put in my own place. Because it's true. I used to just write from the heart...and much less from the mind. Because when it flows from your heart, you can tell. It just feels different. It's genuine. It's less forced. And, it works.

And that's why here's what you can expect of MY messages:

  • nutrition, recipes & plant-based eats, in general (stay tuned for some of my old recipe creations)
  • (holistic) health & wellness info, very much included in this is essential oils
  • mom life & the reality of it (because it ain't always so glamorous)
  • fitness (if you followed me back in my Char Eats Greens days then you'll know that running is a love of mine)
  • life & motivational stuff -- when mood strikes ;)

In a nutshell - it's basically what I stated above ;) So why write these again? Because this is what makes up ME! What makes me enjoy to be in this space sharing! It might not always be insightful or it might just purely & selfishly be put up here so I can come back to read it/find it one day. But if you connect & identify with me, then I'm SO glad you're here.

Just like I'm learning to go from the heart more (and less of the head), I hope you will too by joining me regularly. We can tackle the trials of life together (and if you're a mama - the meltdowns that come over food, clothing & lack of sleep).

Here's to more heart-felt posts & to the journey ahead. XO

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