why your health matters

I sit here with my cleanse-coloured glasses on after getting real with myself last week. After 7 days of (tough) holistic cleansing (ie: cutting caffeine, alcohol, wheat & refined sugar), you start to have a different appreciation for many things - your health, your well-being (and your families), your amazing body & the foods/drinks that nourish it. Cleansing not only put my body into pique condition, but it challenged me on a deeper emotional level. It actually left me perplexed on why more people aren't caring for themselves better. And don't get me wrong - I've since added coffee back in, along with the other 3 categories I cut out, but at the root of it, my health & wellness is always a top priority.


Maybe people just need a better understanding of why they should care...
Maybe they just need to experience how good they can feel to truly
get it...
Maybe they've never really had a deep desire to make changes...

These were all my thoughts. But on top of thoughts - I wanted to share with you why your health matters. For some it might take a major health scare or crisis to invoke some changes & for others, it could be as simple as saying - hey, let's try this because I am worthy. Either way, let me impart some of my own health wisdom + logic that has lead me to a glowing lifestyle & one I honour to my core.

First up, knowledge is power.

I didn't wake up one morning a changed woman. I started little by little reading up on things that I had been starting to question (why do I need to immediately wash this chemical cleaner off my skin if I accidentally get it on me?). This is a GOOD indication that you are taking root in your health. When you hear those sirens going off in your head (even if they're dull) or the tingle in your gut, use them as an indicator that your light is ready to shine bright. 

Second up, think beyond what's in it for you.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I started getting curious about the things I was doing in my health and home. Suddenly, what I always did and had known was no longer enough. It wasn't a safe bet anymore to just have this blind faith in the brands & companies I was supporting...especially as I welcomed my new baby. It became about more than just me. And by process of elimination, if I made changes to benefit me, they would ultimately benefit her, too, so it really was a win-win. When you're thinking larger scale (and in my case "larger scale" meant my family changing from 2 to soon-to-be 3 people - still a valuable place to start), you're saying a bigger, more profound 'yes' to good.

Third up, tiny shifts will lead to big magic.

Never in a million years did I know where my life would shift in the coming years. What started as a simple process to remove toxins & chemicals from my home has become a glowing movement of holistic health & wellness...but it started small. When you start small and decide to at least MAKE a change - you are on the right path, my friend. No one said it would be easy, but guess what? It's progress. You might not recognize it at first, but tiny shifts overtime lead you on a completely different path than if you did nothing at all. I see this now because I stayed the course. So, start small. Be the change. Do something that will lead you somewhere amazing.

Fourth and final up, let nature support you.

I've since realized that the best thing we can do for our health & bodies is to let nature be our guide. Mother Earth knows what she's doing & has provided us with amazing tools in the form of essential oils. This is where the three categories above will help tremendously here - use your knowledge (and be open to expanding it), think beyond yourself, and let a tiny shift take root - to help you see the beauty in how supported you can feel in your body. Without all the shifting I went through, I might have never opened my eyes to natural health which ultimately lead me to essential oils. I might still be asking myself those burning health questions, while trying to silence them.

The choice is ultimately up to you on how you want to live your life though. Will it be vibrant & glowing? Or mediocre at best? I chose to always be learning, growing & evolving... there is not one regret in this decision because there is only more to learn from, grow from & evolve from. And it all starts with one small step. I hope you'll consider this the next time your health crosses your mind. Will you take the small nudge as your hint to honour yourself? I hope so.

In love + light,

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