why i didn't blog yesterday + my random life

I think my brain temporarily froze on Monday night because it can't take these extreme temperatures, so that's why I didn't blog yesterday. WTF, Canada?!


That is what TODAY looks like. Nia and I are NOT leaving the house, in case you were wondering.

We did leave the house on Monday though because a) it was Tyler's day off, so we wanted to maximize on family time (and drinking Starbucks)...

photo 2.JPG

and b) because staying inside day-in and day-out just gets old fast.

We took this little baby (anxiously waiting to leave)...




We took a drive out into the country to a family maple syrup farm that we've bought from in the past. You know you're committed to buying maple syrup when you buy the biggest possible volume that you can get.

I can't get enough. Maple syrup = Canadian crack.

I also managed to run on Monday evening. I did 4 miles in 35:13, where I kept increasing my speed each mile, so it went like this: mile 1 @ 6.7mph, mile 2 @ 6.8mph, mile 3 @ 6.9mph, and mile 4 @ 7.0mph! I enjoyed some Grey's Anatomy while I ran. I plan on doing that exact same thing later today!

Yesterday, I had to go to school for restaurant, where I was a waitress again. I secretly like waitressing. I'm one of those people who likes to keep really busy and likes the challenge of handling a lot (like say, 4 tables of 3+ people with 2 table turnovers), especially when I've never waitressed before in my life!

And then before I started my drive home, I did something that might become a weekly habit very quickly: got Rise kombucha (from Guelph's health food store, since my town doesn't carry Rise…yet!).


Once I was home, I had a very important package waiting for me!


My trial from the Honest Company.


I got the essential trial + the baby trial. The diapers are the cutest thing ever. I'm not sure if we're going to do the monthly bundle for the diapers, but I might do the essential bundle just because I love the company so much!!

For last night's dinner, I followed through with my meal planning and made broccoli cashew teriyaki tofu stir-fry (say that 5x fast!).


And, just to add to my complete randomness, I'm thinking about doing a post with all photos of Nia, captioning what I think her facial expressions are trying to say, like:


"You're really making me kiss you?!?!"

Man, she cracks me up.

And then there's the pictures where I'm in awe of her beauty.


Ok, I'm done. But, get ready for more of me because I officially am off school for 12 days starting today (cue: happy dance)!!!


Have you tried the Honest Company yet before? If yes, what products?

Maple syrup: dark or light?