why i added essential oils into my health routine

For those that know me, know that I've been on this natural health journey for over six years now. It all really started when I became pregnant with my daughter. She was the spark that ignited the flame (that was always there, just needed a little kickstart). Ever since then I've been on a mission to research, question the norms, always ponder the 'other side of things' (the road less traveled?), and come to my own conclusions. So, when I tell you all this, I wanted to venture into why this ultimately lead me to essential oils & why they were the missing piece to my health puzzle.

In this time of health development over the past six years, I have become more holistic (using nature to heal when I can), which included nutrition, fitness & reducing the toxic load in my home. But something was still missing to truly take our health to the next level. We (meaning my husband, daughter & I) generally felt good, but as an advocate for continually improving, I knew I needed to find the next health milestone.


 And this is how essential oils entered my life.

The new year came & I was READY for a change. And this is where I had the slight thought that maybe essential oils would be 'it' for my family in January 2016. So I did my research, decided on dōTERRA & ordered my kit. I thought, if they don't work out, it's ok, I'll find the next thing for our health.

Reality check: They worked above & beyond what I had imagined.

They immediately took over my life (in the best way possible). I used them in ALL the ways I could (I started with the top 10 oils - you can read about 115 ways to use them here!) for my home, mine & my family's health, and in any other way I could. I diffused every day, multiple times a day and was always on the hunt to find a new way to put them to use.

It didn't take long to see the benefits they were creating for us. 

If I'm being honest... I never knew essential oils were the KEY TOOL to glowing health. I thought they might (at best) smell pretty & help me sleep better??? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love and want to support other people wanting to incorporate essentials oil into their home. And never did I imagine that I would love these oils so much that I started doing it as a business.

Because now, my life is forever changed. I have natural health tools at my fingertips, a thriving + growing oil tribe (we're over 400 strong currently), and many amazing people that have decided to link arms with our tribe & do this business alongside us. It's basically like a dream come true.


Have you been thinking about essential oils lately & questioning why dōTERRA might be a viable option for you? If so, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Chances are I had all the same ones when I was beginning.

And if you're wondering about the difference that lead my heart to doTERRA essential oils, here are a few links to check out - maybe it will bring some clarity to you too:

And there you have it - the heart of this company in a nutshell (or bullets ;). You can also check out my oil tips page here with more info. 

To glowing together,