using essential oils with fife

The thought of writing this post actually makes me feel like a guilty mom because I didn’t have essential oils when Nia was born, but I do now for Fife. Why would this make me feel guilty, you ask? Well, because oils have been that big of a key part to my health journey (as a mom and for myself) since 2016. They’re what I turn to when ANY health concern comes up & how I can (confidently) address these concerns, while ensuring that I’m doing the uttermost best for my kiddos/myself/my hubby.

And yes, some of that guilt is cleared knowing that at least I did start with essential oils (vs. not) and Nia’s been able to benefit from them for the past 3 years.


But, I’m also happy to write this post knowing that Fife has been able to experience oils since DAY ONE.

(That’s because I used them throughout pregnancy, labour, and right when he was born! You can find the details of how to use oils for this precious time in my eBook for oils + pregnancy and beyond.)

And it’s thank to being able to use oils with him from the very beginning that has led to a sense of empowerment as a mama. Because, prior to starting with oils & using Nia as an example, she went through the ringer with skin issues (not fun) and let me tell you - it was hard. I felt like helping her was somewhat out of my control because I did not know what to do/where to turn. And it was SCARY!

Now I don’t have that problem. I look to oils first because they can solve 80% (or more!) of your health concerns (but would willingly turn to modern meds if needed in an instance!). The best part is… new babies can benefit just as much from them as older children & adults (with proper dilution and/or getting pre-diluted roller bottles). Plus, having the proper tools to help - such as books, apps & websites to lead you to the solutions is super handy, also (I dive into that more as you start using your oils).

So, now that I’ve hopefully convinced you that if I’m using oils from the getgo, that you can too. So, let me show you a few ways that oils have showed up for Fife so far:


1. birth

I mentioned that we used them from the very beginning for him and I literally mean the very beginning - on his head after he came out and then on umbilical stump. (Again… you can find these uses + more in my free eBook!)

2. congestion SUPPORT

With Nia in school (and it being germ-city), it was only a matter of time before Fife caught something. Unfortunately it was in his first month of life, but thankfully I made a congestion blend that helped him out. Although it’s scary to hear a little babe congested, oils can work beautifully to break up the phlegm. It went away, and I’m soooo thankful for this blend below.


3. immune support

I paired the above blend with oils for immune support, as well. Because with the lungs being congested, the immune system is taking a hit, too. I love that oils can even just help support the immune system…even if nothing is off. You can use oils as a proactive measure to make sure your babies/kiddos stay all good.


4. DIAPER support

We all know how much babies can go to the bathroom, which can often lead to diaper rash, among other things. This is where lavender SAVED me. It’s so soothing to little bums + you have the added bonus of it helping calm. Enough said ;)


5. skin support

More recently, Fife had a skin reaction. Not sure if it’s due to some new scents in the home or something outside, but he had a reaction the other day that caused him to not only be irritated, but his body went red with tiny bumps. This is when I bump up the oils to help soothe the skin and help it work through whats going on. With oils like:

  • lavender - the soothing oil (rolled on bottoms of the feet and/or in bath)

  • frankincense - the king of oils & majorly supportive to the body + skin (a drop in the bath or the prediluted version rolled down the spine)

  • copaiba - great for immune + cellular support (a drop in the bath)

These are the main areas so far for him + we always have a diffuser blend going geared towards what we’re needing it for (sleep, congestion, immune, pick-me-up, etc).

I plan to put together a more informative page on oils for children, but until then, make sure you check out these pages / resources to help you:

Also, here are my top oil/oil products that I recommend to help you truly get into oils with your kiddos in mind & help you feel mighty powerful as a mama (or at least that’s how I now feel)!

wellness for thriving kids

wellness for thriving kids


I can’t wait to keep adventuring with oils for Fife! If you have any questions, please shoot me an email!

If you’re ready to learn more about getting started with essential oils >> head here!

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