two months old

I'm back again to report on Miss Nia who is now two months old! She's definitely changed since last month, and I couldn't be happier with the baby she is!

She's more aware and will actually look at you - such a big improvement from last month! Now I actually know that it's me she's looking at, and it melts my heart every time!

Here's what else is going on with my little stinker this month!

And, some things that have stayed the same since last month:

  • Still hates being swaddled! I fight her to try and swaddle her pre-bath so she's nice and warm, but it has not been successfully accomplished yet. And, she loves sleeping with her arms up, so no swaddling there!
  • Loves her bath time. I didn't mention this one last time, but she really is such a good sport when it comes to having her bath.
  • Squeaks!

And, because I couldn't resist, here are some other photos that I pretty much needed to post as well!


See ya back here for her ¼ birthday in a month!

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