twelve months old

So I'm a little late, but I couldn't just not post her twelfth month picture. Mainly because a) I had set out to post her first year of life and b) when I really want to do something, I do it (even if it's late). I can't believe that my little girl is officially one year old. It's not even that I didn't appreciate the first year I had with her, but the fact that the years will keep going by so quickly is the hard part. I try to embrace every cuddle, every smile, ever goobery hand on me as I can, but that does not slow down time no matter how hard you try.

For Nia's one year, we decided to get some professional photos done, so you may notice the increase in quality for the one below ;). We wanted a blend of her in a few different outfits (as you might have seen in the photoshoot post here), just being her smiley, happy self. I've become that parent that doesn't want to miss a moment. I actually had a hard time coping with Nia turning one, the day before her birthday. For some reason, parenthood is still so surreal for me (in the best way possible).

How did we go from this:


To this?!?!?

photo 5.JPG

Enjoy every second with your babies is all I have to say :). And now, her final post to complete her first year of life:

She is truly one of the brightest lights in my life (next to her daddy, of course ;)). ^ Those chunky wrists just make my knees buckle!

We actually haven't celebrated her birthday quite yet because we were waiting for this weekend, since I now have one of my biggest exams out of the way (I wrote it last night). I can't wait to bake her a little cake that she can make a humungous mess out of this weekend! I also can't wait until her next birthday when I won't have school to interfere!

That's my little twelve month old in a nutshell. And, does this really mean that I have to start calling her a 'toddler' instead of a baby?! 'Baby' seems appropriate until eternity. Just saying ;).

To check out all of her previous month updates, click here. And also check out when she was born (since we didn't find out what we were having, that post reveals her!) Also, her birthstory is definitely one of those scenarios that was the most challenging, most draining thing I've ever gone through, but was also the most rewarding.

I love you, Nia!!! Here's to my mini-me :).

Ps- Guelph friends, we got Nia's one year pictures done through a long-time friend of mine, Michelle. You can check her out at, Bodh Photography.