tough times don't last

Tough times don't last...



I've had a really rough go this last little bit (I'll elaborate more on that next week), especially yesterday; it was just not my day. Something was up with Nia (teeth, I think? and hope...), so I didn't get my long run in. She was crying all day at home, so it was my own fault thinking for some magical reason that she wouldn't cry at my mom's. But, I took her over there anyways with high hopes, only to have them squandered when she would not stop crying. I was in my gym clothes for about 20 mins before I gave up, packed everything up and drove home. I think we were on an opposite schedule; when I would cry, she wouldn't, and when she would cry, I wouldn't!

I feel like I've been emotionally beaten to death right now! It's always good to feel that way before a midterm coming up on Thursday (not!). So I just have to keep reminding myself that tough times don't last. I think that might have to be my new 'life' mantra.

And with that, today is a new day. Assuming Nia has a better day, I will try and get my long run in tonight because, thankfully, my mom said she has nothing going on. I could really use the break and just put my head into some Downton Abbey. The British royal life makes everything better, right?


Anyone else going through any rough patches? What has helped you get through them?