top 10 foods i love and why

I wanted to switch gears on the blog and get back to where it should be at - FOOD! I'm feeling SO much better now (assignment, midterm and case study done…minus the last case study I have to prepare for this coming Wednesday. Minor details ;)), so I wanted to talk about the top 10 foods I love and why! These are no particular order…consider them all #1's in my books!


I can't help but love kale. I never knew what kale was, nor had I ever tried it before going vegan (I know!!). I'm so glad I somehow discovered it, because no life is complete without it! Why I'm in love:

  • has antioxidant vitamins A, C and K
  • beneficial to the stomach, liver and immune system
  • rich in lutein (good for the eyes!)
  • only ~36 kcals per cup
  • great in soups and stews (tossed in raw once soup is done cooking) or in a salad
  • kale chips (need I say more?)


I'd eat it every morning for breakfast because I love it that much. I don't just eat it plain though; I need my mix-ins! They include: ground flax seed, a little sea salt (trust me on this one!), wheat germ, wild blueberries, sucanat and almond milk. I swear that the perfect ratio is 2:1 (water to oatmeal). And the reasons for loving it (and also why your grandma tells you to eat it!):

  • high in fiber (the kind that helps you feel full for longer!)
  • comes in different varieties: rolled, quick, steel cut!
  • endless possibilities of how to prepare it


I think avocados have become one of those foods that we never are without in our house (besides bananas because my husband is a monkey!). We eat Mexican far too often and I love just avocados for the following reasons:

  • contain healthy fats!
  • so versatile: spread on toast, use in smoothies, make guac, eat by themselves!
  • provide all 18 essential amino acids


I think I'm addicted to, really. Fry it up and slather it in BBQ sauce and I'll be at your house in no time! No shame, but I've already ate it that way twice this week. Things I love about tofu (besides everything):

  • high in protein, low in calories
  • high in calcium (no milk needed!)
  • variety of forms: extra-firm, firm, silken
  • can use in baking or cooking

And just one thing to note, I always buy it organic!! (Soybeans are one of the most highly sprayed crop with pesticides, so organic is the only way to go.)




I think I've been raving about pomegranates for-ev-er. I love them so much, but don't want to talk about them for too long, since it's been months since I've had one (why can't they be in season all year round?!). I swear they are the reason for why the hubby and I never get sick (and if you test this yourself, please report back to me!). Here's why I love 'em:

  • high in vitamin K (so high, that I didn't need for Nia to get her vitamin K injection at birth because her blood clotted so quickly, which is what vitamin K is known for!)
  • high in B-vitamins too!
  • fun to eat (and yes, you eat the whole seed/aril)
  • high in fibre (good for those bowels ;))


I feel like a broken record for saying this with every food, but I love sweet potatoes (hence the top 10 foods I love, but still!). If I developed an orange complexion from beta-carotene overload, I would not be surprised! Here's what's so awesome about them:

  • versatile: bake, steam, fry (as I have attempted in a "hash" before)
  • high in beta-carotene and vitamin A
  • nature's candy! (in my opinion)


This goes with the whole loving Mexican food thing. Although I love peppers, I do not love the price tag associated with them every week. But, the love for them outweighs the price. We always buy them organic, since they are on the Dirty Dozen list. Things I enjoy about peppers:

  • great in stir-fries, Mexican dishes, raw and chilis
  • come in variety of colours and tastes so you never get bored!
  • good source of carotenoids


This is where I tell you that I'm a peanut butter lover and not an almond butter lover, which is why you'll never see it included in this list. I hope we can still be friends. I never really hopped on the AB train, but someone has to show PB some lovin' still, here's why:

  • PB&J, PB & banana sandwiches...come on people. You can't mess with the classics!
  • good protein source and contains healthy fats
  • good source of manganese


If you noticed how I mentioned I added these to my oatmeal, then you can see why they're on the list. I eat oatmeal all the time, and I'm pretty darn sad if these things aren't included in that bowl of oatmeal (sometimes I do actually run out of them!). Something about them being 'wild' makes them that much better too! Here's why they're wild...and great:

  • good source of folate
  • high in manganese
  • great in oatmeal and smoothies (and sometimes I eat a few frozen ones on their own!)
  • grown in Canada - paying my tribute to my country ;)


That part where I said the foods weren't numbered in any particular order was true, but you gotta save the best for last, regardless of number! I also don't want you thinking that all I do is sit around and eat fruits and vegetables in a peanut butter slathered tofu oatmeal bowl (ok that's super gross and I apologize for the visual). I like me some ice cream and would probably eat it everyday, if it weren't so darn expensive (Note to So Delicious: please make a bigger container, but keep the price the same :)). I don't think I need to explain why I love ice cream with chocolate chips (hello! it speaks for itself!), but here are some of the reasons:

  • considerably low in calories for being an ice cream and (to me) has the same taste as 'regular' ice cream now
  • not only good with chocolate chips, but also with apple crisp (and dare I say I might pair it with a brownie soon!)
  • comes in amazing flavours; besides vanilla I also love the chocolate PB, cookie dough and mint chocolate chip (as well as Turtles, but I have never seen it in Canada and only at one store in the states!)


There you have it! My top 10 foods that I love. Now, I wish I was eating them all (separately!) right now, but a girl's gotta pace!

One last thing before I go. Today Nia is 4 months old!!! I'll be snapping her photos and hopefully getting her update post on the blog tomorrow or Monday.

Give me one of YOUR favourite foods now!!!