losing the first tooth: a new tooth fairy tradition

When you're a parent, the "firsts" are a pretty big deal. First birthday. First Christmas. First year surviving being a parent ;) ...they just hold such a special spot and need to be celebrated. Am I right??

Some firsts take longer to happen, but I'm happy to say that another first occurred this past weekend (5.5 years in) - losing the first tooth.


That beautiful bottom tooth.

It happened so quickly (from it starting to wiggle to making its' exit) that I did not expect this post to be up for at least another few days! But here we are, one tooth less, but one more memory completed.


And it's in these moments when you need to make a decision on what final experience you want to come from it. I know the Tooth Fairy traditionally comes, collects the tooth and then leaves money in place of it, but I wasn't feeling pulled to do that as I thought yesterday about what the night would hold and what Nia would wake up to.

I was talking to my hubby last night and mentioned that I don't quite know how I want Nia to learn (and earn) money, but starting with a tooth didn't feel like the right moment to do it. So we did some magical thinking and decided on a note from the Tooth Fairy with a coupon...


I wanted to focus on something I know Nia loves and a book felt so fitting! Although we hadn't talked much about what she could expect from the Tooth Fairy leaving behind (I know she was expecting money because we've read it in books - that's my bad!), so when she woke up the next morning and I went into her room, her initial response was: "the Tooth Fairy left me a note." Once I read it to her and she processed her thoughts she said, "that's so nice of the Tooth Fairy!"


I wanted to get her her book right away, so we went out this morning and she picked out a shiny new book... care of the Tooth Fairy ;)


(Signing her name.)

Who knows what the next tooth holds (I'm thinking a new crystal or gem), but for now, here is how we shifted the Tooth Fairy Tradition to work for us right now.


If being a parent has taught me anything, it's that sometimes you gotta fly by the seat of your pants, which isn't always my strong suit, but also helps me plan better for the next time... this being a case in point. But for now, I'll take this new tradition ;)

Have you been 'the Tooth Fairy' yet? If so, what did you do? If not, what do you plan to do?!