toning for tank top season

I won't beat around the bush about this - I have the worst upper body strength. It's something I always say I want to improve on, so I'm going to stop saying and just DO it. Also, once upon a time, I used to like the tonage (yes, I'm making this word up) of my arms. Take a look:


So, in an attempt to get back to this and get ready for tank top season, I created a workout to target your upper body. If you're a weakling like me, then this will burn good, but if you need it tougher, I offer suggestions below :).

tank top workout.jpg


For 2. go into a 'chair' position and hold while you do bicep curls in both arms.

For 3. start with straight arms for plank, go down to elbows and back up - that counts as ONE move (ie: down, down, up, up).

For 4. your sternum must touch the ground when down and when you stand up, do a jump at least 6 inches off the ground.


  • Rest a weight on your lap for tricep dips

  • Repeat 4-5x instead of 3

  • Do 5 burpees with a push-up in between as well

I completed it in 7:13, so aim for less than that! And happy toning!


What's your favourite part on your body?!