thursday things: some questions and life updates

Since I haven't done a a real 'lifestyle' post in a while, I thought I would jumble those things together in a classic Thursday things post. Enjoy! 1. I tried (for the second time) to make a knock-off veggie burger from our favourite local restaurant. It was good, but nowhere close to the original. My sister works at the restaurant and I think I would pay her $100 to somehow smuggle the recipe home with her (she's given me the gist of ingredients before but that clearly isn't helping me out!).


2. Someone PLEASE reassure me that this "mommy" phase Nia is going through is just a phase. I thought after almost a week away to hangout with a couple more people would take away her need to cling to me. Not the case… She was a stage 1 clinger all of yesterday and made it really hard to do things - like make that dinner in point #1.


3. Along the lines of clingy baby, we also are still experiencing a restless /sleepless baby throughout the night. The crazy thing is it was even worse when she was busy all day (I thought the opposite would happen). We're trying some CIO, but even an hour after her 1:30am wake-up call the other night, she was far from being ready to sleep and asking for milk. I eventually gave in. The plan is to keep extending the CIO period (40 mins the first night, 60 mins second night, etc.), and get her off asking for milk. I just really want to know what sleeping through the night feels like again. I have some thoughts for these issues, like:

  • is she ready for a pillow?
  • does she just absorb so much in a day that she is too excited to sleep?
  • is it time to transition her out of her sleep sack?
  • premature two-year molars? (<---more so the husband's theory)
  • only wanting her parents to sleep when they're dead?

Does someone have some magical answers for me?

4. Due to a low-sleep night after a busy day boating and beaching, I needed an iced coffee (that the hubby gladly brought me after his morning golf round). I'm trying to avoid becoming too dependent on caffeine, but those mornings where I wake-up feeling like I got hit with a 2x4" really make me question what my logic about the world even is. Plus, mixing iced coffee with almond milk is just so mesmerizing to avoid. (And, if I'm being honest, if I'm detoxing from something, it definitely should be wine instead…oops.)


5. My auto-order for the Honest company just happened on August 4th and I of course didn't realize when it was getting ready to happen (they should really send out a reminder email a few days before!!), and because of that I have an item in my order that I don't need. I was ready to call the next day to see if they could swap it out for something else, but sadly, my order already had the 'shipped' status. That will teach me for 6 weeks from now!

6. I love this quote from The Kind Diet book that I was reading on our drive back from Tyler's parents' house.


7. I went to the naturopath last week for a consult just to see if she had any recommendations for supplements to take. Now, I just need to remember to start taking them… a whole other story. I wanted to get a consult before my benefits run out at the end of this month, plus, it never hurts to have some outside advice, and I haven't seen my naturopath in a long time!

8. Loving Dustin Lynch's Where It's At song right now (probably played it about four times yesterday).

9. I am still highly addicted to organic dried mango. It is becoming one of my most expensive accumulating habits. If it was a one-time deal it wouldn't be so bad, but this reoccurring thing is seriously hurting the wallet. Sorry, husband.


10. For my post tomorrow, which of the following ideas would you rather see:

  • where do I draw the vegan line?
  • how to make your own SCOBY from scratch (part I to making your own kombucha), OR,
  • fave new finds/friday fives

Alright everyone, have a great Thursday!

Weird question but would you rather have laser eye surgery (assuming you wear glasses, which I do!) or laser hair removal?

I think laser eye surgery appeals to me more. I'd love to not have to put glasses on when I wake up in the morning to see the world clearly!