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Today we are going to chat about one of my FAVE websites, and quite frankly, this might become a regular series because I use it so often. We're talking about Thrive Market. This is where you go when you want natural, organic & healthy products at an amazing cost. Plus, it's shipped right to your front door. Win, win.

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Ever since joining them last spring, I have been hooked. Anyway to make it easier to purchase healthy + organic products, I am ALL over it. Plus, they are always adding new brands & products, making it that much easier to avoid Whole Foods (ahem, Whole Paycheque) & just so much more convenient - especially if you're someone that is very busy, but doesn't want to compromise their health. I GOT YOU!

I'll quickly explain how it works & then we'll get to the goods! It's a membership service - but you have a trial period to start (this allows you to use the website like you're a member before actually committing to it). Plus, if you use my code you'll get 25% off your first purchase, so stock up and make it a good one! After your trial is done, you pay $60 for the year and with your purchased membership, Thrive gives one away (aka waives the fee) to a family in need through a nonprofit. So not only are you helping your family save money while reaping the benefits of amazing (natural) products at reduced costs, but you're also giving a family in need the same opportunity to this access, as well! Pretty cool, right?

They also have an app version & I like to use it to place my orders because it's super easy, but it also gives you a projection of how much money you've saved. Here's a look at mine to date:


I typically do orders about 1-2x a month (minus all summer because we were back home to Canada - more on that below) & we stock up on all things we need, but don't go overboard. This is how I get all my pantry items, any specialty items I want to try out & any new finds that have piqued my interest. Plus, Thrive likes to throw in bonus freebies ALL.THE.TIME (usually on orders over $39 or $49). I've scored some amazing free items like: shampoo + conditioner duo, organic mixed nuts, organic cashews, cold brew coffee, almond butter, coconut oil, and even MORE shampoo + conditioner (I'm stocked, guys!). It's the bomb [dot] com.

Now I would LOVE to share with you some of my fave things to purchase from them that I do so on a regular basis...


We're talking cashew butter, almond butter, pecan butter, coconut butter...just GIVE ME the nut butters!! If I'm being honest - we like to splurge on these items, but still, Thrive makes it much more affordable for the luxuries like, organic cashew butter. And if someone would give me tips to help keep the husband away from it, that would be great.


You see the savings though? Much more affordable than in store!


You cannot go wrong with this staple. We use a lot of coconut oil & this is where I like to get my hands on it. Enough said!



Not so much coffee anymore (since my hubby became a connoisseur), but teas I loooove getting from here. Especially Four Sigmatic brand mushroom tea, which is actually purely just mushrooms and not even coffee (but great for wicked energy). And Numi is probably one of my fave tea brands. Just to put into context - I noticed that they now carry Numi brand tea at my local Target, yet it's STILL cheaper on Thrive. #winning



This one might not seem like a huge ordeal, but have you ever bought organic spices from WF (wtf, whole foods)?!?? Sometimes I feel like you're just paying for the glass jar - which I'll gladly keep now to put my Thrive spices into ;) Because these prices are so awesome. Plus, you don't actually really need a glass jar to house them anyway (although nice) because the bags are resealable. I love their spices because you get SO much of them & since I'm using spices everyday in my kitchen, yet want them organic, this is a great solution!


And I'll leave you with one more for today to complete the Thrive Five (totally using that title next time ;). This one might seem a little weird, but it's totally a staple...


I love doing what I can, where I can for the enviro & these bags are a small example. I'll go into further detail in another post on my enviro-friendly standpoint, but for now, here's a little part you can do when it comes to trash. Although I would LOVE to get to the point of zero trash (ie: just recycling & composting), this has to do for now. Compostable bags - so at least something is breaking down in this whole crisis of too much stuff ending up in the landfill.


And there you have it - a little peak into how awesome Thrive is & what I like to order. You even got to look at some of the price markdowns - this is a good time to price compare with your local health food store now! Plus, remember, if you want to try them out & save 25% on your first order - I got yo' back - just use this link!

I hope to see more people seeking out health care products now that amazing sites like this are making it easier for us to do. Although I realize purchasing higher quality, organic products comes with a higher price tag (sometimes, not all the time), let me tell you that it's worth it. I stopped removing the block I put on myself that I wasn't worth these products, because I am. You are.

If you liked seeing what was up in my Thrive order this month & want to see more of this - just hollah! I plan to do another {real life} post of the two boxes worth I unpacked last night. So stay tuned!

Oh and just an FYI - Thrive only ships to the US at the moment. Sorry to my Canadian friends. I've heard they're working on getting up north!

Questions for you...

Are you a Thrive user? What are YOUR fave items to purchase?

Not on Thrive (...yet), what do you love most about doing this?!