three months old

Well it's official, Nia is a quarter of a year old! Lets see what my little stinker is up to this month!

I can't believe how vocal she's become in the last month. I call it her "stories." She sure does know how to tell some good ones ;).

One other important thing to note is that this month we switched her from co-sleeping with us to her crib and it's worked out very nicely! To tell you the truth, I don't even think she noticed the difference, which is good for us all getting sleep!!

And here are the many other faces of Nia (girl sure knows how to make a good face).

nia collage 2.jpg
nia collage 1.jpg

Some other things she still rocks (from previous months):

  • hiccups (it's been this way since she's been in the womb!!)
  • loving her bath even with the switch from sink to big girl tub
  • smiling at mom and dad
  • sleeping with arms unswaddled
  • cray-cray arms flying all over the place
  • still makes her little squeak noises during the night when she dream feeds

See you next month!!

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