the weekly grocery haul

It's no secret that food is my hero. Anything and everything about it I love. I could sit and talk about food/recipes/cooking/baking/ingredients/etc for hours. I could also sit and listen to other people talk about these same things for hours. (This is probably the reason I got into reading healthy living blogs in the first place!) Since this little area of the web is my space to talk about food, I thought I'd let you all in on what makes it into my shopping cart each week! (You know you want to know.)


These are the items I typically buy every week, because I use them so much that I need to replenish them that often and/or to ensure freshness.

From the produce section:

  • carrots
  • onions (typically sweet)
  • celery
  • kale/spinach/swiss chard (one of these greens at the least)
  • avocados
  • bell peppers
  • potatoes (usually yellow, but occasionally russet and red)
  • sweet potatoes
  • squash
  • bananas
  • pomegranates

From the fridge and freezer section:

  • sprouted grain bread (Silver Hill Bakery brand)
  • almond milk (Silk!)
  • Daiya cheese
  • Earth Balance organic whipped
  • frozen fruit
  • frozen veggies (broc, peas, corn, etc - depends on what I'm making that week)

From the aisles:

  • cereal (usually Barbara's or Nature's Path brand)
  • beans (black and chickpeas usually)
  • diced tomatoes
  • veggie broth and/or veggie bouillon cubes
  • baby wipes (thought I'd throw this one in for fun!)
  • oats
  • peanut butter

And even though I'm covering what I typically buy each week, I thought I would tell you about some of my biweekly items because they can become weekly too (like, umm, if I get on a kick with something).

  • brown rice
  • (raspberry) jam
  • lentils
  • chocolate/chocolate chips
  • salsa
  • chips
  • bars

And there you have it, a look at what we're munchin' on each week!


What are some items that you know you buy each and every week?!