the month of self-care

There are many things I should scale back on (hellooooo chocolate & always coming up with a new creative idea for work that stops my mind from turning off... I'm talking to you guys!), but one thing I need to dial in further on is self-care. It's one of those areas where you feel like it could be ok to skip and not totally detrimental... until it is.

I hate to use the cliche phrase, "you can't pour from an empty cup" but it really is the truth. And sometimes your cup is lingering on empty for a long time before you do anything about it. I've noticed that I haven't been prioritizing self-care lately and the dry cup is mighty fierce. It becomes especially apparent when I start having less patience with my daughter and don't feel as present. It's not fair to her and it isn't fair to me either. Especially if I can help it by simply taking better care of ME.

So when I was at another wit's end last week, I decided... what was I going to do about it? It was time to fill my own cup. So I decided that April would be the month of self-care defined as things that will bring me more joy (in my body, in my mind, in my health, in my home, in my family/relationships). I made an (easy to follow) list - one that included not a lot of pressure, but many things I knew would be key for shifting all of the above.

Take a look:


It isn't meant to be challenging (unless I want it to be).
It isn't meant to be unenjoyable (life's too short for that).
It isn't meant to be unrealistic (my mind can't handle going from zero to 80 of anything in a short span of time).

It's just meant to be for me and what will allow me to be a better person.

So now my question for you is... do you want to join me?

Could you use a little more self-care, as well? Have you been like me and not treating you as a priority? There's no shame if the answer is 'yes'. I admitted it and decided to do something about it. The real problem would be if I was in denial that I couldn't do something about it because the truth is we always can. We always have a choice and for this month I'm choosing me. So I can be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc.

I can't wait to share more throughout the month on Instagram as I seek self-care like a boss and wear it proudly. I hope you do too and join/follow along! The world needs and demands our cups stay full. < I really abused that cliche phrase I was trying to avoid, eh? :P