the diaper dilemma

How you decide to diaper your child is such a personal decision. I've done a lot of research throughout my pregnancy on what I planned to do, by investigating what other people have done or by general reading. Not that I'm swayed by others' decisions, but they definitely helped me go in the direction I wanted, and steered me from where I knew I didn't want to go. But note, this might change once the baby is here - I can only plan so much without physically having a little person here to dictate what happens!

My ultimate decision? I chose cloth.

I've kinda turned into a green freak, where I want my choices to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We all known about the impact of disposable diapers, and it just doesn't feel right for me to go that route. Plus, disposible isn't environmentally friendly at all...conflict of interest.

After that initial decision (which didn't take long to make), my next dilemma was what kind of cloth diapering system would I use. I knew a lot existed, and decisions in general scare me. If there are too many decisions to choose from, I get overwhelmed and give up. So, I took it slow with the diapers.

First, I read a blog post from a lady I know that did the cloth diaper system. Easy enough.

Next, I learnt more in a book I borrowed from my midwife's office that covered a few different options. Ok, not overwhelmed yet.

And finally, I hopped online and took to the brands! Who's the best?!

I ultimately decided on going with gDiapers (aka the 'hybrid' cloth diapering system - I'm not even sure I entirely know what this means still).

They have a system I completely agree with (the absorbent liner you put in the cloth diaper is 100% biodegradable) and I had the added bonus of having a few of their diaper coverings from a friend who got them as a hand-me-down and didn't plan on using them for her son. It really is an added bonus, considering the diaper coverings start at around $19.99 (and I now have 3).

So ya, about the price...

With it in mind, I wasn't opposed to looking for used gDiapers. The liners are a pretty good protectant for spoilages, and that's what the 'extra long' cycle on the washing machine is good for even when disasters arise - so used it was. We had originally planned on buying the 'newborn bundle' from the gDiapers website, but then I had this idea to look on eBay, just to see what options they had out there.

In the end, eBay won, and we actually won the bid on the diaper bundle we wanted (I was die-hard on Sunday!!). Now, we not only have the 'newborn bundle' for cheaper than what we would have paid, but the seller also threw in 7 additional diapers that the newborn bundle didn't come with. I get that these are used products, but to me, the value beats out the need to have new diapers that will just be used soon enough.

Seeing as we just won the bid a few days ago, and my due date is next Friday (that soon?! yikes!), we do have some disposable 'green' diapers to get us through the first little bit.

I had bought these a few months back as a safety net (and to get through the meconium because let's be honest, that will not be fun in any diaper). So, I'm not too worried if the baby does come before the gDiapers do, but I cannot wait to try them out.

I'm not suggesting that this system is going to work out perfectly because I actually have no clue - I haven't done it yet. Obviously I'm hoping for the best because it's our planet and my child's future that doesn't need 20 billion disposable diapers taking up landfills each year! But like I said, no guarantees of what will happen - I'm just going to roll with it and hope for the best!


What's your position on diapering babies?