ten months old

(I was trying to post this yesterday, but it was just NOT working on campus!) My baby hit the double digits 2 days ago!! Waaaaaah!! Where does the time go?!

The funny thing is that it feels like she's actually under 6 months old, in terms of sleeping. (Let's not chat about sleep though, mmmkay? Some of these past nights have been a treat - luckily she's had a few good ones thrown in there so I don't go crazy!)

I really do love this little lady regardless of how sleep-deprived she makes me because she gives the best kisses and cuddles :). And, here's what she's up to…apart from those things!

Elaboration on things:

  • for the clapping: she puts her hands over mine and then helps me bring them together to clap and gets a kick out of it!
  • understanding 'no': if she's playing with something she shouldn't be (say, a laptop cord), and I tell her 'no' so looks at me and stops what she's doing. I appreciate this for the time being, until the novelty wears off!
  • feet grip: girls got mad skills. She can use her feet almost as well as her hands.
  • open-mouth kisses: when I'm lying on the ground, she really just comes over to try and bite my noise, but I somehow turn them into the most slobbery, adorable kisses. I love them to pieces!
  • clicks her tongue: she brings her tongue up to the top of her mouth and makes a click noise. To me, she is such a smarty-pants…sorry guys!

She's still having a ball in the bath, eating like a champ, chatting away and loves to read. She is so the perfect blend of Tyler and I.

(FYI: I tried to go with a fall theme for this month's update, but as you can see from above, apart from the pretty fall coloured flowers, I failed miserably. Sorry, Nia!)

Holy yowzahs, I can't believe I'll be back in a month for 11 months of age! Where's the 'pause' button on life?!