seven months old

So we made it past the half year mark, and now to work towards one year. Utterly crazy! I feel like Nia is developing quite the personality and the amount she already remembers is mind boggling. For instance she knows:

  • to 'push' on the octopus in her activity saucer to make him move (because I would emphasize it when I did it by saying 'puuuuuuuuush')
  • that 'bounce' means to jump up and down. When I first put her in the jolly jumper, she wasn't jumping, so I said "jump, Nia!" but she still didn't get it. Once I remembered that I told her to "bounce" in her activity saucer and said the word "bounce" while in the jolly jumper, she started jumping right away!

She absolutely LOVES her one book called Peekaboo Pets (check out my one instagram video (I think it's the second one I ever posted) where I'm reading her the book). I don't know what about this book makes her so happy, but she absolutely loves it.

Let's see what else she's been up to this past month!

Nia 7 Months two.jpg

Since being in her new room, from Saturday night to Sunday morning was probably the best sleep she's had to date. I don't think I've slept through the night (like I did that night), since mid-pregnancy. Let's just say that I was pretty happy after that one!

We also started doing some 'baby sign language'; simple signs like: mommy, daddy and milk. (I'm hoping she starts signing 'mommy' first ;)). And I'll build up from there - animals, "potty", movements, etc. I even have some fancy flashcards to accompany the signs (and yes, I'm the loser who wrote how to do the sign in sign language on the back of each card).

And last, the other pics from her seven month shoot. I'm wondering how many more months I'll be able to take with her staying put on her back. My prediction is none.

nia 7 months 1.jpg

See ya back here for 8!!