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The first of a new month is such a special time. I like to use it to forge ahead (especially after a particularly not good month last month) & see where I'm going. Enter in setting intentions. It's something that's easy to do but equally as easy not to do, as well. Which is why - let's be honest - simplifying the process makes it a WHOLE lot easier! Here I would like to offer up 5 simple tips to make intention setting the best yet.


Affirmations are positive sayings that help you believe in you. They truly have the power to shift your mindset to find your truth. They have become such a powerful tool for me because they're super simple to do. Plus, you can literally have them ALL over your house/work area if you choose to write them down. I love doing this so I have reminders ALL around me. If you're new to affirmations and don't know where to start, I encourage you to check out this article for an hour by hour plan for daily affirmations or here for beautiful downloadable affirmations (you can actually search categories based on what area of your life you need an affirmation for) by Louise Hay. 

I also like to use card decks. I have these following two decks planted right beside me in my office. This is actually a ritual I've started with my daughter - we select a card from each deck at the start of a new day. When you use the truth on these cards (and trust me, I've pulled some cards that I REALLY needed that day), it makes the intention setting process that much clearer. 


Once you find affirmations you really identify with, grab some sticky notes, jot them down & stick them around all the places you frequent. I have mine stuck around my computer screen, on the fridge, beside my bed & by the door I walk in and out of every day! The more awareness you bring to your mind with this simple practice, the better intentions you will create!

You can also check out my Mini Glow Guide which covers affirmations for specific negative feelings/patterns you want to get away from.


Another very simply practice to do, but it's also easy to just skip it, is journaling. You should see the amount of notebooks I've collected over the years. I'm constantly writing down ideas as I go throughout the day. I have some very specific books dedicated entirely to writing out my thoughts for morning and/or night (a diary, if you will). When you get your ideas/thoughts out of your head and onto the paper, you are serving yourself in an amazing way. I really do believe that clutter up in your head creates clutter in your life, so get your thoughts out of there! Also, when writing down your ideas and leading to intention setting, always write out your statements in "I am/I can" form. I am success. I am unstoppable.


Use essential oils to anchor to what you wish to seek. There is a powerful connection between oils & emotions, so use this to your advantage! We are very intuitive & oils have special properties to them that can help us emotionally. I've started noticing that the scent/oil that smells amazing to you is a sign of something emotionally. This has showed up for me in interesting & telling ways! There are oils I have not been a fan of then, all of a sudden, next day I cannot get enough of them. When I go to look at the emotional connection to that oil it's spot on with the area I'm needing help in. Try using oils as your anchor to help you set your intentions.

At the time of writing this, my anchor oils are Cardamom & Passion. Here's why...

  • Cardamom: the oil of objectivity; it helps to bring balance & mental clarity, it is also helpful for those who are hyper-focused, and helps you take ownership.
  • Passion (aka dōTERRA's inspiring blend): encourages you to be more playful, to break free from limitations, and also challenges individuals to use their creativity to fulfill their true life's passions


This is exactly what I like to call "the glow life." When you are taking care of yourself, you can take care of others & take care of how you go about your day, week, month, year. When you fill your own cup, you can pour into others, which makes a HUGE difference when you are setting intentions - since it usually involves those closest to you. So if you are not honoring yourself, that pours over into others & just is not a good cycle of things.

There are a few main areas in self-care that I believe deserve the attention:

  • Workout/going to the gym: When you can go & sweat it out, you are doing more than just good for the body - but for your mind, as well. This is when I completely unplug my mind and focus on the feel-good endorphins I'm fueling my body with. This then translates into better thinking for those intentions.
  • A solid skincare routine: When you show up and honor your skin, this is a reflection of who you are. I admit I wasn't always the best with my skincare routine. I would neglect even washing my makeup off at night! When I started using Verage (dōTERRA's four-step system), my skin transformed - and so did I. I also believe in telling yourself affirmations for before bed. You can often find me moisturizing while saying: I love my skin, I love my face, I love my body, I love me.
  • Feeding/nourishing your body with what it needs: When you infuse your cells with solid nutrition, you are able to do the things you need to do (like the workouts, like the mental clarity). I feel my best when I am drinking green smoothies, eating superfoods & fueling my bod with plant-based goodness. What are you going to choose to eat/drink for the rest of the day now, as a result?
  • Supplementing: This is THE most important part of self-care. I didn't realize the extent of importance until I got started with the best supplements. Yes, nutrition is the MAIN factor, but we can't do it all with nutrition alone. We need to fill in the gaps with high-quality supplements. Not all supplements are created equally though, which is why I want you to make sure you're getting the best (because you deserve the best). To learn more about the supplements I take, check out this info I've put together!


The final piece to our intention setting puzzle is doing the work inward first before going outward. It might seem so simple, but I promise when you do the work (and take the time to sit in silence with yourself), you will notice the ripple effect. What I like to do is take a grounding oil like Frankincense, Sandalwood or Arborvitae and apply before getting into practice, again to anchor to my feelings. These are very high vibe oils that will help connect you to spirit. Getting in touch with yourself is VERY vital to setting intentions because it is the center of creating intentions.

The Law of Intention states that 'every choice begins with an intention.' And when you break it down you can see that this is truth because your intentions create your thoughts, then your thoughts create your choices, and then your choices create your life. Your intentions lead to the life you want to long as you do the work in these simple steps.

I hope this was helpful & if anything, take one step from this to implement. Then layer on another. And another. The point is to just do SOMETHING. Get started & in no time your intentions will be so aligned with the life you were meant to live.

If you'd like to learn more on these steps in video form, take a look at the recording below:

I wish you nothing but beautiful intention setting. Comment below with the first action step you're going to take because we are all on your side ;)

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Curious to learn more about essential oils and how you can integrate them into your intention setting practice? Then make sure you connect back with me or view this page to see how I can help you on this beautiful journey.

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