top 5 roller blends for the year


Who here is super excited for a fresh start — in life, in health, and all the in betweens?!

This is actually how oils entered my life 3 years ago; I was ready for the next health upgrade & essential oils felt like a good area to dive into. What I thought would be a fun little health addition turned into a blossoming community/tribe, business, and, like mentioned, health upgrade that completely changed my life.

These natural tools will support you in 80+% of your health concerns, so you can feel empowered!

Today I’m sharing 5 roller blends (aka you whip these up in roller bottles and top with coconut oil to easily apply to the body) to rock your 2019! These blends will become an intricate part of your glowing health care plan. Trust me… they have for me & my fam!



top 5 roller blends to rock this year!


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