postpartum: 6 months later

So, Nia's half a year old, and I'm 2/3rd's through the length of time I was pregnant. Crazy. (PS - last year at this time, we hadn't really told that many people, other than family and close friends, that I was pregnant, even though I was almost halfway through! I was weird.) Here's my 6 month postpartum journey!

(Side note: My stomach has the worst tan lines ever from a monokini I wore on vacation!)


Feels like my old, before-baby body; apart from my bellybutton, which I've ranted about before. It's still a weird outtie, but, if it ever turns back into an innie, I'd be super excited.

My stomach skin is still a bit looser than it was before baby, so I'm wondering if it's come in all it plans to come in, OR, if it is going to tighten more, maybe it will change the appearance of my belly button. The best I can do is keep doing core work and see what happens. My stomach appearance is fine though; you would never know that skin is a bit looser just from looking at it (it's just me comparing it to what it was before). <---mind you, now that I see the pic above, I can definitely tell that it looks looser, so maybe ignore this point ;).

I would have never known about split abs during pregnancy had it not happened to me. Unfortunately I was the low percentage that experienced it. I mean, I'm 99% certain it happened to me, based on what I read. I'm an experienced self-diagnoser ;). But honestly, if you felt my abs, you would definitely be able to tell that they separated. They're still a little separated, but based on what I read (I know, I know, I need to stop reading), the distance that they are separated (which is less than two finger widths apart), is considered back to normal. If they were still separated any further, I think you're suppose to go easy on the ab work or you risk permanent separation.

I still need to talk to my doc about it just to be sure I'm doing everything a-okay. I just forgot the last time I saw her and that was a while ago! I do hope that they will fully go back to normal, but I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll have better news at one year postpartum.


I know this technically counts as the stuff I've just said above, but I'm going to use this to talk more about the 'fitness' aspect, and changes my body has endured.

Running is obviously a huge part of what I do, and I feel pretty good doing it! The only thing I still experience, and it's only the odd time, but more frequently on longer runs, is a weird sensation/pain around my c-section scar. It's almost like a dull pain. I don't know if it's because it's still healing inside (I realize they did have to cut through a lot of muscle layers), but it's not enough where I would have to stop running because of it, thankfully.

Even though I haven't gotten in a lot of weight training, I think carrying around Nia has definitely helped with my strength. Putting her carseat in the car with her in it is no joke. Girl is heavy! That's definitely gotta count for something, right?! I feel good, physically, it's just the toning part that I now need to work on.


I'm exhausted. Nia wakes up more frequently in the night, and I sometimes curse (not at her, but to myself at how often she wakes up because I like talking to myself). It sucks. I pretend like she sleeps great and hope that it will eventually turn into that. I really am confused if she is waking up because she's hungry, gums/teeth are hurting her, she's hot in her PJ's and sleep sack, or some other phenomenon that I don't yet know about. I just don't know. But what I do know is that Starbucks is making a killing of off me as a result.


Other than the thing I mentioned above about running, it's really healed up well. The scar continues to fade more and more which is great. It still is numb around the scar, but (I think I mentioned in my 4.5 month update), that my sister-in-law said that, that feeling never really goes away. I still haven't come to terms with that just because it seems so weird that it would have a numb sensation, even after it's healed. Someone enlighten me!


I thought I would be ready to dive into introducing solids at 6 months, but I'm totally not. I've given her tastes of foods, but I'm not ready to make meals of them just yet. I don't even know why. It might have to do with the whole research thing. I seem to love research, but never have the research for specific things done in the time I wanted to. Story of my life. As of right now, I'll continue to let her taste-test foods, and hopefully get my research butt in gear. I have a baby food book from my sister-in-law that I've been looking at, so maybe it will help with the process. Until then, I nurse Nia on demand, and that's typically every 2-3 hours in the day, and at night, can range from 2-3 times. I'd love to get the night number down to one.


We still have Nia in our bedroom with us. Once we figure out this whole night thing, I'd love to shift her to her own room. I honestly thought she would be out of our bedroom by 6 months, but I just can't do it with her waking up so frequently. Her room is down the hall, which would mean more work for me and more work for Starbucks because they would be preparing two drinks a day for me, instead of one. Please sleep, Nia!


I feel pretty darn good for my 6 month postpartum position; especially in terms of how I feel. It's been a great road to recovery so far and I'm interested to see if my body changes anymore on it's own. But hopefully by the next post, I'll be in a little better shape and out of my denial pool that I don't need to do anything but run in order to get toned. It's a biiiiiig pool though ;).