our cloth diapering system

Ok, I proooomise to not make this post lengthy. My goals is to tell you about the different types of cloth diapers we're using, along with the pros and cons. I'll also give you a little detailing about each type and how they work. Easy peasy.

Here's a little bit of info about what we're working with here:

Amount of days worth: 2

Amount of cloth diapers in total: technically 14, but 17 altogether (I'll explain)

Amount of different brands in use right now: 5

When I first started researching cloth diapers, all the different systems confused me, so for this reason, I will be describing the diapers in the simplest terms. No prefolds/all-in-ones/pockets/etc talk. I will show you how it looks and how it works. That's it!


Bum Genius 4.0

Amount in total: 6

The system is very simple. It has two parts to assemble:


You stuff 2. into 1. 


And voila! You have a diaper. 



  • Adjusts in size as your baby grows
  • Come in a ton of cute colors
  • Can choose between velcro style or buttons/snaps
  • Great once assembled because it's like a disposable - just 1 whole diaper (no liners and inserts that are loose)
  • The shells dry really quickly
  • No leakage problems (yet!)


  • Can suck taking inserts out after big poops
  • The snaps can be tough to snap (I've pinched Nia's skin once trying to get the button to snap!)
  • Can be very pricey, unless you find them on sale (which, thankfully, we did)
  • One use; once diaper's been used, all has to be washed
  • (Edited to add on 10/24/17): AVOID the velcro version and just go for the snaps - after not even a year of use the velcro worn out to the point that we could no longer use the diapers. You can purchase replaceable velcro (I emailed to ask), which I think is kind of silly since the other velcro diapers had a MUCH longer life & NO signs of worn velcro. I hope they've improved on this since I used them!

These diapers definitely have more pros than cons and are probably my favourite. If I could do it again, I would have ordered these from the start and had the majority of her diapers as them!

Charlie Banana

Amount in total: 1

This system, like Bum Genius, is really simple.


Again, you take 2. and stuff it into 1.


And you have a diaper!


My grandma actually purchased this diaper for Nia when we were out at a local store, when I mentioned that I would love to try it. And I'm so glad she did!


  • Snaps much easier to snap into place than Bum Genius
  • A ton of cute designs
  • One size
  • Comes with two inserts (i.e.: "2." in the picture above) - I guess this could be useful if you need to double up on the absorbency or if you lost an insert


  • We experienced leaks with really heavy pees
  • Again, can be pricey (kits reduce the cost a bit - and the cheapest I've seen them is at Target!)
  • Where you shove the insert in is at the front (vs. the back on Bum Genius) and if you know where baby's do their business, it's normally more at the front, so taking this insert out sucks even more than the Bum Genius --> obviously this happened an hour after writing this.

I can't really complain about this diaper. There's only one minor detail, and that is that I've been having some smell issues with it. I'm not sure if it's the detergent I'm using or if these really hold onto odors. Does anyone have any suggestions (I think I'll be switching to Rockin' Green detergent soon, but any suggestions for soaking prior to washing?). But overall, I really like Charlie Banana and would buy more (maybe the kit from Target).


Amount in total: 1

These are very similar to the above two; the only difference is that the insert is actually attached to the diaper. So, you never have to worry about losing it or sorting through all of the diapers after the wash to find the insert.


All you do is simply stuff the long insert part under (and in), and you're done!


I impulse bought this one when it was on sale on my favourite website. It was 15% off, which made it under $20 and a-okay in my books. (Plus, I had just heard good things about it so the sale couldn't have come at a more perfect time!)


  • Comes in both velcro (aka "hook and loop") and snaps
  • Insert attached to diaper
  • Adjusts in size
  • No leakage issues
  • Quick drying


  • Price (but not as pricey as other two above)

I think I have the least complaints about this diaper, minus the fact that I wish I had more than one! It really is a great diaper, and maybe I would try the snap version of it next time, although I don't have any complaints with the velcro!


Amount in total: 3 outer shells, 4 liners, 6 inserts (picture below) = 6 usable diapers in total

This system is different from the other three mentioned above. It has 3 parts to it instead of 2, and not as great once assembled, like the others.

In the below picture:

  • 1. = outer shell
  • 2. = liner
  • 3. = insert
Untitled design (9).png

You snap 2. onto 1.


Once snapped, you insert 3. into 2. 


And this is what it looks like finalized:


I've expressed before that this is my least favourite diaper. I'm not a fan of the liner and the insert. Even from the picture above, you can see that the liner doesn't stay in place; it can get all bunched up (but I'll save the rest for the cons ;)).


  • We got the 3 shells and 4 liners for free from a friend who wasn't cloth diapering and had them given to her (so we only purchased the inserts)
  • Tons of cute patterns and designs, especially for girls (think: ruffles!).
  • The velcro does up in the back instead of the front (picture above with 'g' on it is actually the back of the diaper) --> this could be a 'con' depending on how you look at it; I see it as a pro because as babies grow, they'll have a harder time reaching around to undo vs. at the front
  • The liners catch what the insert doesn't (which is also a con).


  • Price point is a huge one. This system can be SO expensive if you're not careful. They have compostable liners that you could buy for these diapers, but you're looking at more than just buying disposables. The shells themselves aren't cheap either. I'm thankful we had them given to us.
  • The liners catch what the insert doesn't. If you're like me and have to use the shell and liner again for another insert, then having the liner all wet with pee isn't cool for stuffing a new insert in it. If you had 6 shells, 6 liners and 6 inserts, then I think it would work better. But I've had times where Nia has had a huge poop and it's spilt over onto the liner and then that diaper is pretty much donezo.
  • The inserts scrunch up (and probably why pee gets all on the liner). I always try to centre the liner once I have the diaper in place to know that Nia will actually be peeing on the insert.
  • We've had them leak out the side before
  • More time-consuming to assemble
  • Velcro straps sticks out and shirts sometimes get stuck on it

I think I'm just an extremist for hating gDiapers, so I apologize to anyone that actually enjoys using them. It's probably because, in the beginning, I thought I would love this system. How that bit me in the butt!!

Urban Fluff

Amount in total: 3

These were another freebie from the same friend as the gDiapers. Urban Fluff is actually a very small brand and no longer in business (if I stand correctly, they decided to stop making them). These are more of a "back-up" on the days I use gDiapers, if the gDiapers don't get us through the day. Or, I'll use these when I'm ready to wash all the cloth diapers. If I have one of these on her, then it's because all of the other brands are dirty, so I'll do a wash.

They have two parts, and instead of stuffing the insert in, you just snap it to the back and fold. So, 2. snaps to 1. 


And then you fold 2. in half once snapped to 1.


The outside looks like this:


If these weren't free, I wouldn't use them. Wow, I sound so harsh but here's why!


  • One size
  • They were free!
  • Easy to assembly - snap and fold 


  • Bulky! I actually laughed until I was in tears the first time I put them on Nia because they are so BIG! They definitely won't be used under pants unless I'm entering Nia in a booty competition.
  • Leakage central. I don't know how (maybe because of the fact that the insert just sits in the diaper), but one morning we put one on her and it leaked all up her back onto her pajamas, sleep sack and crib sheet. Not cool.
  • Velcro is awkward

Again, I'm thankful for getting free diapers, but I would never use them outside of the house. I wouldn't want to risk a leaky accident and would I even be able to buckle her in her carseat with all that bulk? haha

There you have it. I hope this provided useful for you or helped you in the slightest for choosing cloth diapers (and I did try to compress this post as much as possible)!! I know I'm still learning and still figuring out what works best, but wanted to share our system at the moment!


Now I want to here from YOU:

What are some of your favourite brands?

Tell me a bit about your diapering system.