one week of every day {essential} oil use later

Hey, this might be a shocker that I’m blogging two days in a row!! It sure shocked me…for realz, but I had to! I don’t know if many of you remember that last week I started using essential oils in full swing. Not just for my household cleaning (which is what it was basically in the past), but for ev-ery-thing! And I just wanted to report back on what I’m feeling…while everything is still fresh and new in my mind.

First off…this has been the best investment I’ve made in a while. Let me tell you the why & the how.

Essential oils are clearly not a new thing, but using them for everyday use is, I think, to almost everyone (unless you’re really doing your research *ahem, I totally am now - hit me up with your questions!*). I had intended to focus more on oils in 2016, so I finally took the leap and did just that. And here’s how the results have been so far:

They’ve not only made me feel like a much different and better person, but I get excited to use them each and everyday. If I had to count, I probably use the oils about 5-6x per day, with no intentions of slowing down.


>> lemon in my morning water cup (when I first wake up)

>> diffusing 3x a day (different blends, depend on what I’m feeling at that time of day)

>> onGuard in the morning for oil pulling

>> melaleuca (or tea tree oil) & lemon for cleaning

>> peppermint in a chocolate smoothie

>> peppermint rubbed between hands and on shoulders (thanks, Laura!)

>> oregano in water (hubby did this, not me, for fighting off something!)

>> lemon under the nose for sniffles and runny nose (Nia two days last week)

>> frankincense on bottom of feet

Those are just the ways I’ve been using my oils so far, and clearly I’m having no issues finding ways to use them! It actually felt pretty effortless to add them into my daily routine, which makes me think that me + essential oils were meant to be :).

I really think a lot of amazing things lie in essential oils {for health, healing, personal benefit, & to make your house smell super fantastic} and I can’t wait to build a health team around it to honestly…change the world. There are so many ideas I have bouncing around my head (when it comes to natural & holistic living) and this is just another vehicle that will help me get there!

I haven’t mentioned yet, but I’ve started an online wellness community to support this mission, and would love for you to join us if you think it would benefit you too. It’s open for you to post, comment, share, etc. whenever you want. And if you ever want to learn more about joining my wellness team, send me an email. I love connecting with others who share the same views and outlooks. It makes life a whole lotta fun!

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