nine months old

Three quarters of a year old already. The next big milestone is totally the one year mark. How did we get here?! Nine months seems so short, yet so long. For instance, to think about being pregnant that length of time ago does not register with me. I can't remember what it feels like to even be pregnant anymore (don't mistake this for me wanting to get pregnant again to remember haha). Whereas, to think about Nia as this little thing curled up on me to sleep for an hour, feels like yesterday. I still get cuddles, but only when she's tired (aka on her terms haha). I'll totally take what I can get these days! Here's how this little 9 monther is doing this month!

nine months old.jpg

Other things to note:

  • Wearing 9-12 month clothing
  • Working on signs for: all done, more, mama, dada, milk (are the main ones)
  • Plays with her duckies in the bath (and still loves the bath)
  • Does a lot of "keeee" and "heeee" sounds (the "heeee" one almost sounds like a snake sound but with an 'h' instead)
  • Down to 2 naps per day
  • Likes to drink water like her mama
  • Loves applesauce

My favourite one by far is her looking into the mirrors. You can guarantee that if you can find her in a mirror and she can make eye contact with you that you'll get a smile. Hilarious girl.

Another favourite is this video we took of her a couple of weeks ago trying to put her shirt on.

And, as always, the outtakes from the photoshoot ;). (FYI: the last two are priceless, plus a combo of bad angling (for Nia's sake haha). Enjoy :))

nine months 5.jpg
nine months 4.jpg

Oh Nia, you melt my heart! See yah all back here in September for 10 months (double digits...wowzahs!)