nia's cute quirks #3

Hey all! I thought today would be a good day to get back into things with cute quirks of Nia's. I've been compiling a list of funny things since the last post, and seemed like it was time to get these out there, as the list was getting long! What goes on in the eyes of a 2.5 year old…and go! Making dinner one night. Me: Shoot! I thought we had a lime. Nia: Shoot! I thought we had wine.

  • Hands me a piece of grass that somehow made it onto the couch: "Grasshopper."
  • Points out anything anyone has gotten her when it comes time to use it. For example, a blanket my grandma bought her that we were using in her bed: "Grandma and papa got you this." Another example (referring to a chair): "Mommy got you this for Christmas."

    Or points out where it's from... Underwear: "H&M! Up, up, up escalator" (i.e.: how we get to the store when we go to the mall) Honest company wipes: "from Target" Sunglasses: "from Carter's"
  • Putting together a desk we bought, I told her how I needed the parts. She points to a piece of styrofoam and said, " I NEED this."
  • "Bad ant!" Slaps the floor. "Got him!"
  • While I was kissing Tyler one time, Nia walks over and says, "I want a kiss, please."
  • Watching The Wedding Ringer movie preview, she calls it "silly wedding day."
  • When you're doing something (ex: rolling up the yoga mat the other day) and Nia graciously wants to be of assistance she says, "help me." She really means help you.
  • After going poop on the potty, she looked in and said, "caterpillar!"
  • I asked her one night if she wanted to go to Whole Foods for pizza and she said, "bring the purse and the phone!" (And apparently my running shoes.)
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  • Kicking a ball around with Tyler, he walks away to go do something: Nia: Daddy, the ball! Tyler: Great job! I need to go shower. Nia: Give me the break!
  • When I have iMessage open on my phone: "Daddy text me."
  • Making cookies together one night: "I need to help me." (Example of what I stated above!)
  • "No, I'm good now." --> When you ask her a question and she doesn't want to or need to do it (ex: do you need to go pee?).
  • As soon as Believe by Mumford & Sons comes on: "My favorite song!"
  • Nia: Mommy got the hiccups. Me: Where did I get hiccups from? Nia: In the mouth.
  • When we're out and she sees something that she owns: "that's from home yesterday." Not sure where the 'yesterday' came from, but yes child, from home yesterday.