natural beauty

As a girl and now new mom to a girl, I think it's very important to feel good in your skin. It's definitely taken me a while to get there, but now that I'm here, it's something I want to make sure sticks. Before, I used to feel like I couldn't go anywhere without my 'standard' makeup procedure. I don't know if having a baby has loosened me up, or just reduced the amount of time that I actually do have to get ready each day, but either way, I'm grateful that I no longer feel like I need to put on a ton of stuff before heading out the door.

I keep it simple on most days with just: cover up (for eyes and blemishes), mascara and a little blush-bronzer for the cheeks.

Natural beauty is where it's at ;).


BUT (<--I do that a lot, I know!), apart from feeling confident in my own skin, when I do decide to add some product, I want to make sure it's good for me and my skin (no harsh chemicals, natural ingredients, etc); which I believe is the other form of natural beauty, when opting to wear makeup. My current regime right now does not look like that. I currently own a lot of products that I got before choosing a healthy, green, eco-friendly lifestyle. Part of me was in denial for owning this stuff (and still using it), and the other part of me just can't bare to put a ton of money down to revamp my whole makeup collection.

So, here's where you come in.

I desperately need your suggestions for the following (and don't worry, I'm doing my research in the meantime too!):

  • cover up/concealer (preferably a liquid to cover up bags under eyes and blemishes)
  • eyelid primer (to help eye shadows stick and not clump throughout the day)
  • eye shadows
  • liquid eyeliner (I'm SO partial to MAC's blacktrack fluidline right now that this might be the hardest to ever give up or get rid of)
  • mascara (any favourite vegan suggestions that fill those lashes in?!)
  • blush/bronzer/powder type thing for cheek area
  • lip care (gloss, conditioner, etc)
  • make-up remover (wet cloths and/or liquid to use with makeup remover pads)
  • after shower hair care (leave-in conditioner, hairspray, volumizer and/or something to help with damaged/split ends)

I did just see some great stuff on Kath's recent post and Erin is always summarizing her goodies (which I love), so I've already got a good start, but I always welcome more!

My goal is to slowly make changes. I'm going to keep an eye out for things on sale, start with the cheaper items (and/or the things I use more frequently), and slowly start phasing out the no-so-good things for me.

Being a female really is hard work :P!! This is why I really need YOUR expert opinions because you know I trust them ;)!

I really want to give my makeup cupboard the same approach that I give to the rest of my life and represent the natural, green and friendly products to my face (err, facial area and head).

Questions: What does your makeup collection and facial products look like? Are you happy with the items you're using?!