my trip to utah

Utah was never one of those places I DREAMED of going to... until I made the trip there last year for the very first time. I remember flying in, with the mountains underneath thinking they looked fake. They were too good to be real/true. That + getting to attend the convention for the largest & purest essential oil company in the world had me be longing for the next year to pass before I could return. And that time finally came 1.5 weeks ago!

The whole purpose of this wonderful trip this month was to attend dōTERRA's annual convention This is where the magic happens & your belief in the products + the company strengthens. You're surrounded by 30,000+ people all there with the same vision: to change the world, one oil drop at a time, which is super cool. When this energy comes together, it's something you cannot explain in words, but I'm going to tell you my story of my trip to this beautiful place.


When I came to Utah a year ago, I was a shiny new oil user. I had just started growing my little oil biz & winged my decision to fly out. Because of this, I ended up coming all by myself (rooming with a blogger friend), with no one from my oils team attending. I'm not normally bold in putting myself in situations such as this one, but I did it anyways because I saw the potential this company & biz had to offer me & because my heart + mind were open to learning and growing.

The beauty in the unfamiliar and the unknown is that I had an amazing time and just KNEW to my core that I was going to attend again this year - going again, by myself if need be, but hoped some of my team would see my vision and attend too. And I'm happy to say that I didn't attend alone this year. THREE amazing ladies on my team were ready to take it on with me.


Having these ladies there to grow & learn with me was beyond words. We had some fun, but also missed some events...oops!

We cozied up at convention over the 3 days eager to learn about new products & what the company was doing to further expand their hearts into serving like they do so well.


The night before convention started, we attempted to attend Gala, which is a celebration of of those hitting amazing ranks within the company,  but having rushed around all day beforehand, having to register, go back to the hotel to get ready, arriving late, and not finding three seats in general let alone together, we decided to skip it. But we sure did look pretty ;)

IMG_0774 2.JPG

We also ate at some pretty cool spots, while finding some pretty awesome local spots that had food that makes you feel good in your body when you're traveling (a BIG plus and very mandatory for me as someone dedicated to good nutrition!). Our faves this trip were: Vive Juicery, Zest Kitchen & Bar, and Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen (with a side of food trucks the one day & vegan donuts another ;).

Then we attended a yoga class the second night with the beautiful Elena Brower as our teacher (and doTERRA Blue Diamond leader), who is also the lady behind the new yoga oils collection launched this year, that we got to test out during the class. It was amazing!


There there was the white party (the same night as yoga) held by our larger oils teams that we made it to but didn't stay long at because although I was there having fun with these ladies, there was also other stuff I was dealing with on the side...

IMG_2679 2.JPG

You see, I was leaving my family back in FL when I left for Utah not knowing what Hurricane Irma was doing & almost felt like I shouldn't be going on this trip. My family had no plans (at that time) to evacuate Florida & it just wasn't sitting right with me. 

Should I be going to do something for me when I'm so worried about them?

But, as the universe may have it, my husband ended up finding a cheap flight for him & my daughter into SLC two days later to escape what was coming our way. But his travels weren't easy either. He ended up in the airport with our 4.5 year old for over 8 hours because of the delayed flight, TWICE (which he thought at one point would turn into them cancelling it), plus an emergency WHILE they were on the runway & finally arriving into the hotel at 4am. (This was happening the night of the white party.)

But they both made it & my heart was full. Especially when I snuck them into the final afternoon session of convention, which I know was a real eye-opener for my hubby & the message delivered that afternoon were so what I needed to hear & I know what he needed to hear, as well.


Having them there for that final afternoon was honestly the best part!

This year we really have become experts in making lemonade out of lemons as we've had our fair share of not-so-great events happen. This trip specifically in what started out as "holy shit a hurricane is coming right at us - what do we do?!?!", turned into a fun little family vacay post-convention - just what we needed. Convention ended on the Saturday and we were scheduled to fly back to FL on the Wednesday night, so we took a little mini-trip to Park City and stayed in the mountains (at The Chateaux Deer Valley).

This was such a soul-replenishing trip, not only because my fam was now with me, but because we were in the mountains ready to explore + hike & just immersed in an area that is very forward-thinking in sustainability.


We spent 4 days sipping lattes, hiking new trails & searching out good vegan eats! Plus, the weather was perfect (it felt nice to escape the FL heat, which this Canadian is STILL adapting to....3 years later).

And these views... how could you not just stop & admire that life is working out just the way it's supposed to with this in front of you?

IMG_1014 2.JPG

And Nia was SUCH a trooper after 4 straight days of hiking - I'm definitely keeping her (minus her meltdown at dinner on our last night that we wanted to use to explore the town - I'll let her slide that time :).

This was exactly what we needed & the bonus is we came home to no house damage (just 2 panels that came off the fence that were fixed by friends before we even came back!).

And now, back to where I felt last year, I look forward to this year passing quickly to bring be back to Utah again next September. Next time with even MORE girls on my team attending (already confirmed - how cool is that!) & fun I can already predict to be had ;)