my trick for making crispy oven-baked fries (no deep frying required!)

Another weekend is coming to a close, but it's nothing to be sad about. Make tonight a good one by including some oven-baked fries!

We all love fries for their crispiness, but what if I told you that you can accomplish that without putting them into a hot oil basket? (Probably loaded with GMO-containing oils if you're eating them out...) And from the comfort of your home!

Because guess what? You can have BOTH! The pleasure of crispy fries without the guilt of them being processed/fast food.

Are you ready for me to reveal my big secret to making that happen??


All you need is a cooling rack (the kind you use to cool breads & muffins on). Isn't that amazing and great all wrapped into one?!?!

Ok, now that we got the MOST important news out there, let me show you how I prepare and make my fries!


  1. Preheat oven to 375-400F (I do 400).
  2. Cut your (organic) potatoes into french fry like lengths and widths.

3. Add cut potatoes to large bowl and combine with oil* (1-2 tbsp), salt, and spices if you desire (I sprinkle mine with paprika, garlic powder and onion powder).


4. Now take a cookie sheet and place your cooling rack on top of it.

5. Spread your french fries on the cooling rack, leaving a tiny bit of room between each fry if you can (remember: your cooling rack is now placed over your cookie sheet).

6. Place in over and bake for 20-25 minutes (depending on oven temperature and how crispy you like them).

7. Remove fries from rack and enjoy on their own or with ketchup!


* Only use a high temperature cooking oil, something like: coconut or avocado oil (I recently experimented with avocado oil and the fries turned out really well).

Your fries should come out evenly crispy since they had the ability to have contact with heat from all sides. 

It's the most brilliant way to get a crispy fry, but by baking in the oven!! It's my favourite way to make french fries at home and I hope you now enjoy it, as well!