my baby food plan

With Nia at almost 7 months now, solids are definitely something on my mind. Although I have mentioned before that I'm in no rush to just jump right in, being a huge foodie (and nutrition student!) makes me excited thinking about all of the different things that she will be eating in the near future though! The blog is the perfect place to let you all in on my baby food plan, since I know it won't be the same as the next baby's (and by this, I mean to your baby, or yours, or yours…)!


I mentioned in her six months post of the foods she's "tasted," but this really was honestly just her sucking on the food item and hardly eating any of what she actually tasted (besides the applesauce), just to get a feel for new and different flavours/textures.

Since that post (just to refresh, the foods "tasted" were: banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, banana and applesauce), I've actually been letting her eat the following:

  • continuing with organic unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • green smoothie (of organic apple juice/water base, organic kale, organic baby spinach, orange and banana)

I plan to keep expanding on this list month to month with the following guidelines (do I sound like a written assignment or what?!):

  • mainly organic (especially if it's from the "dirty dozen")
  • naturally sweet (i.e.: from fruits) and no extra sweeteners added
  • 1:1 ratio for fruits and veggies
  • get as many greens in as possible (hello! I'm 'Char Eats Greens' for pete's sake!)
  • make my own baby food whenever possible (with the exception of things like the applesauce I'm already giving her)
  • never add more than one new food in per day

Now here's why:


We're a mainly organic family as is, so it only makes sense to do the same for Nia, if not more of a reason! I want her foods to be bursting with flavour and I believe eating organic better demonstrates this.


You know how the saying goes that we're "naturally more inclined to like sweets." I get it. Breast milk is really sweet, so it makes sense. Because of this, I won't be adding things to increase the sweetness when fruit (and fruit juices) can naturally do the job. 


I joke around all the time about Nia and kale, and if she doesn't like it, that I might hyperventilate. This is why I want to make sure I'm balancing introducing veggies just as much as I'm introducing fruits. I want her to become familiar with the difference between the two and get a feel for both (and will probably be actively seeking advice when we enter the "picky" stages in toddlerhood). Luckily right now, she's open to everything we have given her (with the exception of the initial face when tasting foods - priceless!)


I obviously love greens (hail to the kale!), and I want Nia to as well! Thank goodness this girl is a green smoothie freak at the moment.


And even though they're sweetened with fruit (banana and orange), I stuff these things full of spinach and kale, so I know she's getting some good tastes of the greens!


I always planned to do this, so I'm interested to see how challenging it actually is once I officially start (I hardly call mashing up avocado and a banana "making" baby food, at the moment). I will probably use methods like: steaming, baking and boiling. I'm hoping as I read more, I'll develop a plan for making food in itself (such as making batches to freeze, making my own fruit/veg pouches, etc).


I know some (read: a lot) of books suggest waiting a few days in between new food introduction, but I think I'll probably go along the lines of 1-2 days; especially since I won't be introducing crazy amounts to her. Since I am taking it slow, I will have plenty of time to expand her food choices while still playing it fairly conservative. I'm not too worried…unless I should be?

And obviously, I'm SO excited for the solid poops - isn't that a given ;) (especially with cloth diapering).


Another thing I'm still trying to figure out as well when it comes to the baby food is to Baby Led Ween or not! I think I like the idea, but don't completely know the whole concept. I guess that means that I have some reading to get to!!


When did you introduce solids?

What were some of your baby's faves?!

What did you avoid?!