munchkin meals: the tortures of teething

Even though Nia's been in the teething process for what feels like eternity, this month has hit her hard.

Red cheeks.

Runny nose.


Sleeping a ton.

Very whiny.

And, irregular eating.

I was most worried about the irregular eating because I want to make sure she's a) eating enough, and b) getting all of her nutrients (especially on my day away at school, where she can't just have milk if she wanted to).

So, you know what happened? We did the best we could with what we had to work with (aka a baby that was pickier than usual).

Tyler and I took advantage of the foods Nia was willing to eat, and here is what we found:



Liquid nutrition for the win! I think it probably had something to do with the temperature of the smoothie feeling good on her sore little gums. Either way, knowing she would actually drink a smoothie meant me stuffing it full of good stuff, like:

  • almond milk

  • flax oil

  • greens: spinach, kale, sunflower sprouts

  • spirulina powder

  • coconut milk yogurt

  • organic berries and banana

Array of options.

More is better, in my opinion, so I tried to give Nia as much to choose from as possible, in hopes that she would find at least one thing on her plate/in her bowl that she would want to eat.


Plus, I find when I give her a lot, even if she set out determined not to eat, if she sits there long enough, she'll start picking through the food in front of her. This was hit and miss; if she was having a really bad day, it was just out of the question to even try to get her to eat, but if it was a so-so day, she might eat, depending on what the options were!

Berries, berries, berries!

This kid LOVES her berries, as evident by this face:


Strawberries + blueberries + raspberries = in Nia's belly, no matter how she's feeling. I took advantage of this one hugely for her snacks, because I knew she'd eat them. We would add them to coconut milk yogurt, on top of pancakes (as in the above picture), or on their own. Fresh berries were used for yogurt or on their own and frozen for pancakes, yogurt, and smoothies. Ok, and maybe a little on ice-cream (for soothing gum purpose…and maaaaybe because mom wanted some)!

More milk.

Luckily, even though Nia wasn't eating as much solid food as she normally did this past month, she wanted more milk. I was fine with this, because I wanted to make sure she was getting in the appropriate calories she needed, and plus, if it was comforting for her, I wanted that too.

I can't even imagine the pain these little humans are feeling as they have gigantic teeth pushing through their gums. I think they probably handle it better than we would if we were in the same situation!

And the life saver in this whole process?

Amber teething necklace.

We had some serious night sleep troubles with Nia for a while there. I thought I was going to be a permanent zombie mom, until I realized that we didn't have Nia's teething necklace on her during the night - only in the day and for nap time. The first night we put the necklace on for bedtime, what would ya know, I didn't have to go into her room once.

We actually forgot to put the necklace on her before bed two nights ago, and it was the only night she woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. I had to go into her room around 3:30am, but once I put the necklace back on her, she slept until the morning.

That necklace is seriously a saving grace. I would recommend any mom with a teething toddler to get one asap!

I want to thank Brittany for hosting the link up to this lovely Munchkin Meals series, and as always, go check out her page!!

Question for mamas: What soothes your baby when he/she isn't his/her normal self?

Question for everyone else: Favourite smoothie mix ATM?!