moving into may

Can you believe it's May already?!?! This is my most favourite month of the year because (can you guess it??) it's my birthday month! I don't know if that's why I love May the most or because it's a really kickass month and my birthday is just a bonus ;)


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I realize it's been a WHOLE month since I posted last, but I have a NEW plan for May... it's going to include a few more posts with some recipes & focus on green cleaning (something about this month just spells that)! 

But first, I want to recap how last month went with the self-care challenge. I was *trying* to make an attempt to do more things FOR ME. Here's a brief recap of what I had planned:


And here are the results:

  • 1 massage: accomplished (and it was oh so good!)
  • 2 runs/wk: 1 out of 8.
  • Daily Health Habits Challenge: still in progress (not staying as diligent as I would like with supplements and oils)
  • 2 tapping exercises/wk: 0 accomplished (<< this shows that maybe I wasn't ready to reintroduce into my routine which is ok).
  • 2-3 baths/wk: 0 accomplished (surprisingly I just wasn't feeling the whole bath thing).
  • 2-3 workouts/wk: 3 out of 4 weeks accomplished (had to lay off last week because I hurt my toe & most of the workouts I'm doing lately are yoga-esque, which was hard on me to miss!)
  • read 10 pages/day OR for 10 mins/day: 70-80% accomplished (can't say I read everyday, but I just got into a new book and it's been so captivating & exactly what I needed!)
  • meditate 5x: 4 out of 5 accomplished (being super diligent here because we technically did meditate more than this but some where right before bed, so does drifting off to sleep as you do it count??)
  • 1 date with hubby: accomplished!! (probably the BIGGEST one on the list and I'm happy to say we had a cute little dinner & dessert night out together while Nia hung at home with Tyler's dad!)

It was a fun little challenge and if you remember - I took the pressure off from demanding this ALL get accomplished. What I wanted to see from this challenge was how much I was ready for. In other words, obviously some of it was not the right timing/month (the running and tapping parts, for sure) and that's ok! Back to the drawing board ;)

And I hope you're as excited for this NEW month as I am. I have updated my current oil promo I have going on, which is going to go hand-in-hand with the green cleaning goodness we have planned for the month, so if you're ready to hop into using the purest essential oils in the world, now's a good time!

Alright stay tuned for new posts coming sooner rather than later. And until then, let's keep in touch...

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