life with a 7.5 month old

Here's my attempt to give you a FULL day of what it's like in the life of Nia at 7.5 months old. I think we're in a really good routine right now, so why not capture it! This is what our yesterday (aka Thursday) looked like. I see so many of these and love reading them! I thought it would also be great to reflect back and see what our routine was like at the time (too bad it took me 7.5 months to do one of these). 

Life with a 7.5 month old:

5am: I hear Nia start to cry. I go nurse her and then put her back in her crib to sleep longer.

7:30am: I hear Nia start making noises (chatting and singing); I read some blogs.

8am: I finally go in to see what she's up to (FYI, she smiles as soon as we make eye contact). I bring her into my room, change her diaper, nurse her, and then she hangs out with me for a bit, but I can tell she's still sleepy (because she has her thumb).

photo 1-7.JPG

9am: Put her back in her crib to sleep some more. I make breakfast, read some more blogs and get started on cleaning the bathrooms.

9:45am: Hear Nia start making noises from her crib again; hurry to finish cleaning the 3rd and final bathroom. In case you're wondering, these are the noises that come from her room when she wakes up (she's hilarious!):

10-10:30am: Get her out of her crib, get myself and her ready (clothes and poopey diaper change), nurse, and get out the door!


before dressed.


after dressed.

11am: Fiiiinally get to where we're going (I majorly underestimated how much time I'd need to get out the door - I said 30mins, more like 45mins - because we're only a 5min drive from…), the running trail! Quick diaper change (big pee, another very small poop) and then we hit the trail.


11:45am: We're done (4 miles)! Well, I'm done. Nia faded right after 3 miles. Let's see if I can get her home still sleeping...


12pm: We're back home. I walk in the door and her eyes open - darn!! I try to put her in her crib, but she's now wide awake. I decide to get some much needed food, let her play/bounce in her jumper for a bit and try the nap again in a little bit.


12:30-12:45pm: Clean up dog barf (fun times) and then nurse Nia. She still doesn't seem tired, so we play for a little bit longer (and I get to eat more!!).

Change diaper and put on a load of cloth diapers (normally do them at night, but for some reason, this time around, she got through 2.5 days of them, instead of 2).

1:15pm: Change diaper (small pee) and this lets me know that it's now time for a nap:


I shower and get dressed (in real people clothes) while she sleeps (<--I always wait until she's officially asleep before I hop in the shower).

2pm: Hear her making noises already, but don't go in her room. Washing machine is finished, so I go down and put her diapers in the dryer. I come back upstairs to check on Nia and she's back asleep. Awesome! I decide to close my eyes too.

3pm: Hear Nia start to stir, so I go down to restart the dryer quickly because I know some of the diaper inserts will still be a bit wet. Get Nia out of her crib, nurse her and then have her bounce in her chair while I do my makeup. 

3:45pm: Change her diaper before we head out to go on a walk and meet aunt Jen at Starbucks (we actually met her halfway between my house and my mom's house).


5:15pm: By the time we leave (sitting in) Starbucks and walk to my mom's, brings us to this time. We hang out for a little bit (30mins or so). Nia has another pee, and I can tell she's getting tired so it's time to start walking back home.

6pm: By the time I get back home, it's way later for nap time than I'd like (normally 5pm - I sped walked home!), but she's clearly tired so I nurse her and then put her down. I start getting everything ready for dinner - portobello "burgers" with pesto and a kale caesar salad.

7pm: Nia's waking up again and I've got the caesar dressing done, portobellos prepped, kale washed, and pesto almost ready to make. I go up to get her and let her play in her activity saucer until dinner is ready.

7:30pm: Change her diaper, eat dinner then hang out with her on the ground until Jeopardy is over (looking at books and playing with her one rattle).

8pm: Take Nia upstairs to feed her and change her into her pajamas. This is normally her bedtime, but because she napped later, we just hang out on my bed (her sitting on my stomach), and she gives me some cuddles (for a good 10mins). You do NOT argue with those at all! She was very intrigued by me singing "preeeeett-yyyy" to her for a while also.

8:30pm: Finally take her into her room and put her down with her bunny. I get some smiles, but once she finds her thumb and bunny near her face, she is good to go!


The end.

It's kinda neat monitoring the times for things that I do with her because I never do this (other than keeping track of how many hours she's up, so I know when nap time is)!! I totally get why other moms do these posts! There were a few things to note about today though:

Unusual things about today vs. other days:

  • Tyler wasn't home this day (so that's why there was no mention of him!)
  • Her last nap of the day was a little later than normal (which I told you!)
  • Nia didn't eat any solids today. Normally I'll give her the odd thing each day, but other than 2 bites of applesauce, I never made a meal/snack out of anything!
  • I didn't eat sweets throughout the day, mainly because we didn't have any <--I know, you should be VERY upset about this one!

Hope you enjoyed the glamourous life of Nia. I think the next time I do one will be when I've actually introduced her to solids, just to spice things up…the post, not her food ;) haha