january 2015 "getting organized" calendar

Happy second day into the New Year! It's pretty crazy to think that it's 2015. I wasn't all that down with 2014 for some reason, so I was really happy when 2015 hit. I feel like this has the potential to be a really good/successful year. But with that, comes the need to work at it. The hubby and I planned out or goals on December 31st, so I think we know what we want to aim for this year. I have just a few more posts coming up in the future relating to 2014/2015 and then I promise I won't bore you with it anymore! For today, I wanted to talk about organization in 2015. After seeing the idea for a month-long organization calendar from Julie, I thought it was such a great way to kick off the year. So I decided to modify hers (aka I kept what I thought would be useful for me!), and added in my own things around the house I'd like to get done. We're only two days into the calendar, so you have plenty of time to still join along!

Week 1

  • January 1st: Restock groceries (accomplished via a home delivery service we have for fruits and veggies, along with a trip to Whole Foods)
  • January 2nd: Working on the budgeting for 2015 (we've loosely followed budget plans in the past, but I really want to crack down this year)
  • January 3rd: Put goals in a place (or several places) to look at daily so they get accomplished 

Week 2

  • January 4th: Update social media profiles
  • January 5th: Get all paperwork for working status organized (i.e.: applying for a social)
  • January 6th: Organize front hall table (and all underneath it)
  • January 7th: Sweep + mop floors
  • January 8th: Purge inbox (delete all unwanted emails and put past ones into folders that I want to keep)
  • January 9th: Clean + wipe down toys
  • January 10th: Get mail sent out that I've been meaning to deliver

Week 3

  • January 11th: Wash sheets + comforter and bed protector
  • January 12th: Wash kitchen sink + wipe down cupboards
  • January 13th: Unsubscribe from mailing lists no longer interested in
  • January 14th: Learn one new thing about my Canon camera
  • January 15th: Go through pantry and reorganize it
  • January 16th: Go to Lowe's and get equipment to sand + stain tables
  • January 17th: Run a half! (This doesn't really have anything to do with organizing, but you deserve the day off!)

Week 4

  • January 18th: Think of ideas to rearrange the kitchen (cupboards) so they're more functional
  • January 19th: Sort through front hall closet and figure out what shoes to put away
  • January 20th: Clean computer keyboard and screen
  • January 21st: Clean out fridge
  • January 22nd: Get some pictures printed (either going online or going into the store and processing them there)
  • January 23rd: Organize photos on computer (this is the first step in completely wiping everything off of it and starting fresh)
  • January 24th: Clean out the car(s) 

Week 5

  • January 25th: Hang up those new pictures
  • January 26th: Get all laundry done so there's none lingering today
  • January 27th: Organize shelving over the sink
  • January 28th: Go through wallet and get rid of old receipts, papers, cards, etc.
  • January 29th: Go through diaper bag and clean out
  • January 30th: Back up computer
  • January 31st: Launch new blog!

I'm completely scared about the last one and wondering if I'll even be finished in time, but I've officially put the message out there!! I've been taking my time with it for so long now, mainly because I'm doing it all myself, so we'll see what happens. Part of me wants to bring in a professional this year, but I'm unsure of if budget will allow it (because I will make budgeting my mission this year whether I like it or not).

Next up on the agenda, goals! Goals are what actually helped put some of the above days into place, so it's kind of awesome that I can work on them while trying to keep organized. Win-win. I plan to share my goals as one of the two other posts I have relating to the year change, so stay tuned!

Do you think an organizational calendar would help you get on the right track for the year?