i only have one wish

And that wish is to read Nia's mind. At least then we might be able to solve something here. I'm pretty sure she's battling another tooth breaking through her gums, which I totally get why she's breaking all the rules. Not napping, going to bed 3 hours past her bedtime, crank-city during the day…I get it. So-help-me if it's not another tooth though because then I'm at a loss for answers! (And ready to run far, far away.)

This is why communication beyond "waaaaaaaaah" would be very helpful.

The only things keeping my sanity are walks.


And caffeine.

Lots of caffeine.

It's kind of ironic though, Nia stays up late (last night it was until almost 11pm), and then slept until 7am. So, I could have gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep, but no. I toss and turn on the nights she's in some serious resisting sleep work. Go figure.

I'm so tired that this morning when I was making up pancakes, I had the teaspoon with salt over the bowl and then proceeded to dump it on the counter to the left of the bowl instead. I think my brain has a 3 second delay right now ;).

And sorry for the lackluster post, but this is my life in a nutshell right now! I will be SO excited when I  add a full-time semester at school into the mix…not. So that gives me a couple more weeks to somehow come up with a way to read baby minds. If anyone wants to be my assistant, I'm taking applications starting yesterday.