how to use the new oils in a day

This post is solely dedicated to ALL the new & lovely oils launched this year at dōTERRA's annual convention because they have quickly become staples in my home. The ten products launched this year are not only so versatile, but you really can use them all throughout the day and I am here to show you how! Get ready to step into more glowing health now that we have more tools to support us!

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+ wake up, roll Jasmine Touch on bottoms of feet + on wrists to help uplift the mood (and while you're at it, pop a Terrazyme!)

+ get morning diffuser blend going with Arise aka the enlightening oil (from the yoga collection) to help promote feelings of happiness

+ before hopping in the shower, dry skin brush + add a few drops of siberian fir around outskirt of shower, so you get the aromatic benefits

+ roll jasmine on the palm of hands and rub together through the ends of your hair for a nice pick-me-up scent + add moisture to your locks

+ take 2 drops copaiba + 2 drops frankincense in an empty veg cap & swallow to help support immune + endocrine system & provide powerful antioxidant support


+ before work/heading out the door, roll neroli on wrists as your new pure-fume



+ a dab of Align aka the centering blend (from the yoga collection) behind the ears to help you center in on what you're here to accomplish (especially post-lunch to help get you re-focused)

+ roll rose across the chest/heart as this oil holds the highest vibration of any of the oils (meaning it will help raise your frequency on how you feel) to help uplift you (this is a great one to keep reapplying)

+ when you're out, make sure to have the on guard hand sani on hand to keep the unwanted germs away



+ a dab of Anchor aka the steadying blend (from the yoga collection) on the tops or bottoms of feet to help create peace + calmness after we unwind from our day & to also signify completeness - the day is done!

+ have an epsom salt bath with 3 drops copaiba + any other oil of your choosing (balance or one of the yoga oils works nicely here) & zen out for 20 mins while reading a book or listening to a soothing playlist


+ cleanse the face with the vérage skincare system (cleanser, then toner, then serum) & add a drop of blue tansy to the moisturizer before applying to the face (you could also sub in siberian fir or copaiba, as well)

These oils all became available for purchase yesterday and I'm excited to hear all the other ways people are enjoying these new products.

Post in the comments if you have any questions or any other suggested uses to add ;) Happy oiling!

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Are you ready to incorporate these + the other amazing oils & oil products into your home? I would love to help you get started. Once you've placed your first order, you will get connected with our tribe of support, tools & resources to help you truly get going on your oil journey. It's a beautiful one that I cannot wait to support you & travel on with you :)