how to make your own non-toxic bubbles for children

As a natural mama, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for cleaner ways to live our life (basically reducing toxins where and when I can). Over the 5 years of being a mom, EWG & Think Dirty have become my new BFFs because, guess what - when we know better, we do better! And this has been the motto I follow to give my daughter the most awesome life that she deserves. 

Because let's be honest for minute before we get into this post - we are ALL doing the best we can. The problem isn't with us (the consumers), it's with the companies. Pretending and even promoting that their products are the best. The red flashing light went off while I was pregnant to start questioning this notion & to start doing my own research. Fast forward five years and here I am making bubbles...


As a parent, I challenge you to pose these questions before diving into something:

  • Do I know most about this product I'm about to give to my child?
  • What does it rate (refer to links above) & is it lower than a 3?
  • What does the research show?

When it comes to blowing bubbles - something just didn't feel right with it. The solution get on their precious skin, and definitely close to the mouth (especially if they're still learning how to actually blow a bubble), and not to mention what they're breathing in. But as a mom, HOW do you escape bubbles?!? They are magnets to kids. We've done the store-bought from birthday parties and school, but today when my daughter asked to blow the bubbles from her Christmas school loot bag, I knew I had to step in as the natural mama bear and get creative. 

As an oil advocate, I knew I had seen a bubble recipe I posted in one of my team's resources, so I pulled it up, poured the bubble solution out currently in the bottle & replaced it with my own DIY version.


So if you have an extra bubble bottle lying around - I encourage you to grab it and do exactly what I did with these very simple ingredients.



for 4oz container


  • 2 tsp vegetable glycerin
  • 2 tsp On Guard foaming hand wash (what this is + how to get started with it here)
  • sprinkle of cane sugar
  • top with water

A perk to boot with this DIY recipe - the hand soap that goes into this contains an immune boosting essential oil, so it's actually supporting their little bodies. #winning

So next time this little miss wants to blow some bubbles - you know what we'll be reaching for because bubbles are the bomb & I'm HAPPY to have them in my home now!

Do you love blowing bubbles? (Be honest - even if you don't have kids. I totally had a blast doing this with her ;)