how to make cold-brew coffee concentrate

It would only seem appropriate that as the temperatures are warming up that we get you a nice.cold.beverage recipe. Because let's be honest: I'm addicted and I need you to join the club.

I've already gotten a few others on board, and hopefully you'll come along too. Cold brew iced coffee is where it's at and I promise you that the method I have for making it is a complete keeper! (Plus, in this post I said I needed to post this recipe - so here it is!). Cold brew is much different than just brewing (hot) coffee and letting it cool down, it:

  • is less acidic (by as much as 69%) and might actually taste sweeter because of this
  • causes less abdominal discomfort (perhaps due to lower acid value)
  • extracts fruit and chocolate notes (along with the caffeine!), and less of the bitter notes from the coffee bean 
  • is smoother and richer tasting

Have I caught or piqued your attention enough yet? I hope so because here's to switching up that morning joe!

How to make cold brew coffee.png

Or download the PDF version here.

And ps: try adding a drop of peppermint essential oil to your ready-to-sip cold-brew coffee. It will seriously be a game changer... I know from experience ;)

Pair it with homemade cashew milk and you're laughing! Well, that is, until you drink it all, and then you'll cry that it's gone. Don't let it get to that point ;)