how to cope with poor half marathon training

Guys, I'll just let you know that I'm less than two weeks away from my half marathon. Initially when I registered for this thing, I thought, '8 weeks is a doable amount of time to train.' You know when 8 weeks is enough time to train? It's enough time to train, IF you train!!!! So how is a girl to cope with the impeding doom of running 13.1 miles with no long runs prior to this in sight?


She initiates the move from staying calm to freaking out.

I'm insanely (pun intended) close to losing all calmness and confidence in myself to be able to run that distance.

But freaking out is coping. I promise. It's like when your adrenaline kicks in and you can lift a 2 tonne car to save a baby's life.

What they failed to mention is that, sure, the baby made it out fine, but then your adrenaline stops working and sadly the car has landed on you, instead.

The simile to this is that, I might start out running fine (and maybe even fast), but I'm just unsure of when that running will turn to walking and then subsequently lead to crawling.

Investment in knee pads might be mandatory. 

I'm sure it will all be fine, but I'd be lying if I said that I'm rational and fully comprehend how badly I've screwed myself. And that's why coping mechanisms were born.

Other ways to cope, besides freaking out:

1) Put on your big girl/boy pants and run that bitch anyways, regardless of PRing.

2) Make a promise to have celebratory drinks following the run; one for every mile you completed.

3) Remember that: time is just a number. Pi is also a number. It's time to eat pie.

4) Convince yourself that you poor-planned the half marathon training on purpose. It will make you feel (temporarily) better.

5) Really dress the part. Because if you have gu's, compression socks, a non-slip headband, lululemon everything, $200 running shoes, and rad music, angels will magically transport you from the 'start' to the 'finish' line. (I wish…)

6) Pay your friends and family to come cheer you on. At every mile. Wearing bells and whistle. Proclaiming how fast you are.

Or, finally...

6) You could just give it your best shot. 

I plan to run at least two more halfs this year, so maybe this is my warm-up race to the awesomeness of the others. Maybe poor planning is what needed to happen to me to make me realize that I fudged up. But, that's ok. Because if I wasn't planning on having fun during this half, well, I am now!

And about point #6 above, seriously, if you live in or around Mississauga, please come to the Mississauga Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4th and cheer me on (along with everybody else racing).

Question: Do you learn from your mistakes? What's the most profound mistake you remember learning from?