my "green" salon experience + a GTA giveaway!

We just returned home yesterday from a 5-day long weekend to Tyler's parents' house, and before it got too far away, I wanted to talk about my recent hair experience. I posted last Thursday about my visit to Toronto to get my hair highlighted, but I didn't go into great depth about the salon I visited. Well, this post is just for that sole purpose because it's one pretty cool place worth talking about!


Welcome to worldSALON: the greenest hair salon in Canada!

I knew my friend, Emily, worked at a cool salon, but I had no idea that it was "green" or how that could even be possible (and had I known, I would have visited much sooner). Before I explain more about it, let's just call it a salon doing what it can to make the world a better place, which is right up my alley.

So, here's a little background info on worldSALON and what a "green" salon entails:

  • worldSALON opened in 1989 - so it's been around awhile! 
  • the owner, Brian Phillips, started getting contact dermatitis on his skin from harsh hair products, so he decided to create his own line of nontoxic, plant-based products for hair AND skin (so, pretty much a 2-in-1 (or more!) type situation)
  • this line, known as worldPRODUCTS, was launched in 2001
  • the line is: paraben, sulfate, phthalate, fragrance, colour, gluten, and palm oil FREE, and on top of that, is biodegradable
  • multi-use products for skin and hair means less clutter in your home and less waste in the world
  • can be used on the whole family; children to adults!
  • the salon itself tries to be as green as it can by using solar panels on the roof to heat the water, and is bullfrog powered 
  • also, they are a member of the Green Circle, who collects the salon's hair clippings, which are then used to soak up oil spills (<--would have never guessed hair use for something like this!)
  • Green Circle also collects their used foils, leftover and empty colour tubes, and properly recycles/disposes of them

Are you as impressed as I am yet? I hope so!

So how did my experience here match up to previous salons I've visited in the past (aka: the "regs")?

Well, first of all, you know that salon smell that invades your nose as soon as you step foot into one? Not here. I could have been blind-folded and would have never guessed where I was! Not only is it awesome knowing nothing harsh was about to be used on your scalp, but how great is it that the hairdresser who are around it everyday don't suffer either?!

And along those lines, not only did my hair feel super soft for days following my visit, but it didn't have that built-in smell of chemicals that normally comes with colouring your hair. Those are some impressive measures right there! Not to mention, the colour was spot on. No suffering in terms of becoming super blonde because of "greener" products.

So, let's talk more on the worldPRODUCTS line because it's pretty spectacular (as in, I couldn't believe the variety and uses for each of the products).

Emily hooked me up with a few products and I also grabbed a few extras that I thought Tyler and I might get good use out of!

Here's the D-L on what I took home:

  • worldOCEAN: a salt spray to add shine to hair and creates low-maintenance hair for days. I used it this past weekend while we were boating and lying on the beach each day, and couldn't have asked for a better product for the hairstyle I was trying to achieve for my situation (aka: wanting to do nadda with my hair).
  • worldCLEAN: hair, face, & skin cleanser; so far used it in Nia's bath and can't wait to use it on my own hair and body!
  • worldREPAIR: deep conditioner, which can be used as rinse-out or leave-in; cannot wait to use this during or after my next shower.
  • worldBELIEVE: head-to-toe skin and hair relief; the "magic potion" salve; can even be used on babies for diaper rash and cradle cap problems; I've used a bit so far to moisturize my skin and it smells amazing
  • worldBUZZ: to style hair or to relieve severely dried out skin; Tyler's loving it so far and the 'natural' feel it gives his hair.

I actually discovered that these products are on (how awesome is that for exposure for them?), and are actually on sale this week (August 4th-10th, 2014), at 20% off. They're a bit pricier, so the sale might help with cost, but remember that the products are multi-purpose, so you get a lot of bang for your buck!

And, this post would just not be complete without me offering something to my GTA friends! (For those who aren't from around my neck of the woods, GTA = Greater Toronto Area, so you'd have to be local to Toronto or surrounding area in order to benefit from entering and winning the contest below.)

My pretty little hairdresser friend Emily has offered up one free haircut for one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below, and I will be choosing someone on Monday, August, 11th, 2014 @12:01am. Good luck!


Disclosure: worldSALON provided me with some free samples and a discount on colouring in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.